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Self Overview:
Hey! My name is Dannie(Danielle)! wuz up peeps?! lol ummm...I'm a troublemaker & I get into fights, pretty often actually....the thing is I try not 2 get in2 fights but it only makes things worse and I end up in a fight. lol. go figure. but i win....most of the I'm not really proud of that but....O WELL!!!!

1.) to obtain a bf or gf....and get my first kiss!!!! >.>;; lol. 2.) to stay in school the whole year! 3.) to b in a drama 4.) etc.

a bf or gf a better singing voice(lol nvr gonna happen) courage 2 get up on stage and act or sing...

going 2 high school!!!! getting one of my poems published in a poetry book(on the first page 2)


Last Times,Favorites,Firsts,Tons of stupid questions
Basic Facts
Name:Danielle Kristina *******
Height:5' 1"
Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend:nope...I wish!
Color:Navy Blue
Kind of music:soft rock, rock, rap(sum), pop, country(kinda), etc. but NO POLKA OR BAGPIPES!!!
Band:Panic! At The Disco (or The Frey)
Song:How To Save A Life
Lyric:"Where Did I go wrong? I lost a friend & to where I belong til' this end & I could stay up w/ u all nite & I know how to safe a life."
Drink:non-alcoholic Strawberry Daqueri
Old school outside game (tag,hide and seek, kick the can):hide and seek
Subject:Health or Math
Gum:iuno..i dun chew gum...
Have you ever been in love?:iuno wut love is... no one would fall in love me
If so, with who?:>.> i said no!
How many people have you gone out with?:iuno...8?10? i can't remem.
Do you have a crush? (or girlfriend/boyfriend):r u kidding me?! I HAVE A MILLION CRUSHES!!!(not really, more like 6 or 7; I OVR exagerrated.)
What was the first thing you noticed about this person?:their personality...
Have you ever gotten your heart broken?:many times but I'm suseptible now! muwhahahaha!!!
Have you ever dumped someone?:yup...
Been dumped?:>.> now y'd u have 2 bring that up? jk. yea...
Crush:Tyler; my first bf..
Kiss:nope haven't got one yet...
Screen name or email:animeangel002
peircing or tattoo:nvr had either one...
fight real fight with parents:iuno HOW CAN I REMEM.!?!?
time you went out with friends:ehh? lol game?
where did you go:hello?! were u listening?!?! FOOTBALL GAME!!!!! + DANCE!!!!!
time you spent over 10 bucks:the mall a few weeks the mall >.> on a wallet...
time you went to a concert:nvr! lol
time you got into a fight:evryday lol
time you swore:GO 2 HELL!!! lol now...
time you cried:ummm... last nite...
why:I was laughing 2 hard...
time you laughed:LATE NITE!!!!
time you got a call:hell if i kno...
who was it:like i said b4; hell if i kno...
you called someone:last nite
word you said:hey?*thinks ur a dumb-bass*
song you listened to:One Hand In My Pocket; now...
thing you ate/drank:an hour ago... milk and water...and dinner...
movie you saw (rented,theater):HELL IF I KNO!!!
person you dad..
person you hugged:can't remem. ....wy?
person you kissed:no 1...
person you loved:still love is the term!!!
person you were mad at:wy?c.c.? iuno...
Have you ever?
snuck out of your house?:yea....
did you get caught?:>.> yes(remems. police officer)
drank (alcohol smartass):lol a little?
illegal drugs?:nope...
been in a mosh pit?:nope...
kissed someone you didnt like?:I'VE NVR KISSED ANY1!!!!!
Did you think that this was stupid?:-COUGHS- yes -COUGHS-
Any last words?:GO 2 HELL! jk ummm... pip-pip, cheero! lol
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Username:animeangel002 (user #205148)
Interests:(8) etc., 2 b noticed, acting dramatic, dancing in a talent show, dancing in the rain, dancing w/ my friends, music, singing
Last Login:Sunday, October 15, 2006
Created:2006-10-12 19:07:01
Preference:Not Sure
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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