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Self Overview:
Well, hello frens! I'm Amy and I'm odd. I guess I'm more random than odd but the terms are interchangeable, whatever. I like a lot of things but most recently Jersey Boys and anything related to Joseph Leo Bwarie. Yeah, it's a musical about some old guys that were popular 30 years before I was born but it's still badass. I recently started college and that is some crazy shit. College is so different than anything I'm used to and I guess I need more things like that cause I tend to have a pretty boring life in general to some people except me of course (long sentences!) I also got my driving permit practically a month ago and I'm just trying to work up the courage to drive on the highway so I can get to school. Oh yeah, not killing anyone is my second priority, but who cares, amirite? Speaking of driving, I think I'll go do that now..clear the streets!

happiness, success

Not many things.

good friends

How general is this category? Hmm..
I like whatever music sounds good to me; it's not really a specific thing. Movies:
Anything with especially attractive men actors like Robert Downey Jr or Robert Pattinson..Yeah, I know, I seem to have a thing for Robert's.
Don't judge, but..Twilight Series
The Host
Jane Bites Back
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Big Bang Theory
Wheel of Fortune
Clean House
Family Feud
[most] Cooking shows
chocolates mashed potatoes and corn rice and corn pretty much anything with corn mashed potatoes and gravy ice cream chips pretty much anything with potatoes mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches anything with cheese bread and margarine cookies brownies kettle corn marshmallows pizza hot dogs hamburgers french fries [junk food in general]

Username:amerskos (user #335505)
Interests:(4) computer games, laughing, learning, music
Last Login:Saturday, July 9, 2011
Created:2009-12-28 15:39:57
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In College

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