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Wait, what?

If you're reading this, congradulations! You win... nothing! Aren't you happy? Well, that's about what you get from me: nothing. Not that I'm saying that I'm selfish, I just don't have anything to give. I'm here and there. I do things. I'm pretty much apathetic in a way. Actually, that depends on who you are. But otherwise, I am.

I like to hang around places. Especially Barnes 'N Noble and the internet. If you already knew that, then you know me from MySpace or something. Yeah, I have a MySpace, what's so wrong about that? Is it too emo for you? Well, I like the emo scene. So, sorry to you. (Not really.) Yeah, I like emo people. Except when they cut. I'm squeemish about that.

I love music. It seems that that's overly cliché, but whatever. Music is art, and art is part of me. I've always been the 'artist'. Hell, people even told me that. (Not that I'm bragging. I'm definetely not the bragger type unless I'm joking around.) I just love art. Visual, performing, writing, you name it. I'm basically a drawer.

So call me whatever you want. Emo, artist, I'm just me. I don't care what you think.

Username:ahhelga (user #22989)
Interests:(1) Fanfics. Drawing. deviantART. MySpace. Reading. Cartoons.

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