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I am abbigale gracelyinn downs, but you can call me abbiy. i've grown up in the same small town since i was 2; i's one of those places that aint really even on the map. one of those where you know way too much about everybody and their mother and they know everything about you.i have one of the biggest families in the town. basically i can't marry someone fromhere because i always end up being related to them. i'm one of those cheerleaders. i have been for 10 years. nationalchamps06:). this year, i would be captian . also, i don't consider myself a member of the cheer clique. i know i'm not better than everyone else and i dont think other people should be put down becuase they don't have the perfect skin, the perfect teeth, the perfect hair or any of that and i don't thin drama and gossip should be the center of my life. that could be why i dont get along with any of the cheerleaders, but thats ok. i'm also a dancer, it is my life. i love love love chicken, espically fried chicken. i love all green veggies except for lettuce. i'll try basically anything once. sushi, snails, and moose are the best so far:). my favorite color is yellow, becuse it is the color of the sun and always brightens my day. i'm overly obsessed with the tv show NCiS, abby is my faorite character. but i like all of them:). i love to read. my bigges pet peaves are ppl who put pictures on myspace or fb and say how ugly they are, if you think the picture is ugly don't put it on there, ppl who smoke, ppl who break promises and drama. i'm a CHRISTian and God is my life. i dont cuss or curse unless i'm extreely mad. it takes a whole dang lot to make me mad too, you really dont' know till you've tried. hugs are my favorite. i'm single, it really is better that way. i think cruises are the greatest things ever. and i think that really is about it.

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