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the name? bethany wanna know more..? -i look waaaay older than i actually am. -listening to the rain calms me. -i actually like to be alone..sometimes. -this boy liked me, we both liked eachother, i stopped liking him, he still liked me, he stopped liking me, i started liking him. complicated? yes. but guess what. i'm over it. -JESUS is my bef fran. no competition. -all my relationships go one place..down the drain. -i like having guy friends more than girl friends..sometimes i just want a guy's opinion on things. -i'm sarcastic. very. -sometimes i think my family doesn't appreciate me. -i'm pretty emotional, i like to cry. -texting my friends who are girls is awkward, except chandla. -i wish i could tan. -country music is my stress release. -summer '09 changed me, for the good. and so did summer '10. -awkward moments describe my life. -i only drink water, and hi-c :) -i want to leave my hometown for good, in three years. i'm gone.

-to never ever ever be cheated on again, ..yeah, right. -to go to MSU, go dawgs:) -to find an amazing guy and settle down and marry him and start a family. -to be a phycologist (i spelled it wrong..) -find the cure to cancer. yes, i've lost someone due to it. -to stop being a procrastinator. -to be Miss America :) -find the miracle ingredient to make a lotion to put on redheads to make them tan. once again..yeah, right. -to not be looked down on. -to have a good first day of sophomore year. -to stand up for myself

-one guy to prove to me that there not all the same. ...still waiting on that.

-ive been on three mission trips. -i finished my super summer requirements:) -i've fallen in (and out) of love twice. is that an accomplishment, or a disadvantage?

colors: blue, green, yellow, red, orange, purple. so maybe i like them all..? scents: vanilla, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, guys, gas, sharpies, cinnamon, newly cut grass. music: country, christain, pop, ..i like it all.

Username:-lastcall (user #331466)
Interests:(53) acting crazy in front of people you will never see again, acting drunk when all you have had to drink is water, acting dumb, and life., being outdoors, buying a new wardrobe, candy, choir tour, completely ignoring the world for a day, creepy guys thinking you are hott, crutches, dances, dancing raunchy with your friends, doing something the best, dressing up, eating cake, facebook, finding money in peoples pockets when you do the laundry, ipods, journalling, laughing until your sides hurt, looking and seeing who owned your textbook before you, lunch conversations, make believe, meeting new people, mini vacations with my mom, miss me jeans, movie days, moving to a new place, music, paintings, patagonias, pictures, playing cards, playing hard to get, pretending to know someone i don't, putting on makeup, rain, rainbows, remembering, saying something that came out perverted, signed yearbooks, sleepovers, smelly good shampoo, smiling, stuffed animals from someone important, super summer, talking when i shouldn't be, the past, the red light that flashes when you have a new text message on facebook, vbs, wet towels, wishing you could go back to the certain day you could make everything different
Last Login:Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Created:2009-08-01 18:26:38
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School

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