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[-]  not quite normal.

Do you have something you're supposed to tell someone, but you haven't yet?
The nearest window to you now - what colou curtains are on them?
What type of food do you never really eat?
Are you better at cooking dinners or making cakes/biscuits/sweets?
Have you ever cut someone elses hair?

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Last taken 1 hour ago

Created by n0b0dysp3rf3ct
Medium - 40 83 G
[-]  Facebook's "Did You Know" questions

How many countries have you visited?
Flowers or chocolate?
My first mobile phone was....
The life advice I wish I could give my younger self is...
A job I'd be terrible at...

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Last taken 3 hours ago

Created by joybucket
Long - 227 9 G
[+]  Do we Like The Same Music?

Long - 309 2 G
[+]  Statistical How much does your life suck?

Medium - 36 1908 PG
[+]  Do you like my music?

Long - 105 28 G
[+]  Do you like the same musicians as me?

Medium - 58 46 G

Long - 107 239 G
[+]  Randomosity Seekers

Medium - 60 1324 G
[+]  Categorized This Or That 2.0

Long - 109 79 PG
[+]  The Survey Where You Say The First Word That Comes To Mind. Yay.

Medium - 33 138142 G
[+]  about your underwear

Short - 15 132 PG
[+]  Days Go By and Still I Think of You

Long - 76 614 PG
[+]  I don't have a lot of money, but I'm bringing everything I made

Medium - 35 1 G

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~ Looking Back On This Year - Reflect and Reminisce ~

What Has Been Your Biggest Regret?
The One Thing You Are Most Proud Of?
Single Most Memorable Moment?
The Drink Of This Year?
Get Any Scars?

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Times Taken: 1939
Questions: 57
Created by almightypeaches

What Members Are Doing..

vyvyan86 took a survey called
My boyfriend helped me write this .

4 hours ago

joojie313 took a survey called
It's not enough, it never is, so I will go on until the end..

4 hours ago

joojie313 took a survey called
A random survey that has nothing to do with anything.

5 hours ago

vyvyan86 took a survey called
I was just another promise that you couldn't keep;;.

6 hours ago

voicedance16 took a survey called
Ehmagawd! What a random survey.

7 hours ago