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[-]  the coolest survey you will ever take

how do you feel about mullets?
do you have one?
if you don't why not?
what is something that really intrests you?
do you like lima beans?

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Last taken 6 hours ago

Created by queenfan18
Medium - 33 28 G
[-]  there's just no turning back, when your hearts under attack; *

so, how's life?
how many hours of sleep would you say you got last night?
what's the last book you read, was it good?
what color are the walls in your bedroom?
do you have pictures of your friends, and family in your bedroom?

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Last taken 11 hours ago

Created by imjustadinosaur
Long - 115 246 G
[+]  First things first: I'ma say all the words inside my head.

Long - 84 56 PG
[+]  How Do You Feel About My Music?

Medium - 50 25 G
[+]  music: this or that

Medium - 30 78 PG
[+]  music this/that.

Long - 113 61 G
[+]  This or that? [[Music]]

Medium - 30 43 G
[+]  {This or That} Music

Medium - 63 110 G
[+]  Time will not heal these wounds and I'm bleeding because of you.

Medium - 52 510 R
[+]  Weirdo survey 2: Here's 50...qwt5

Medium - 22 31 PG

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~ Looking Back On This Year - Reflect and Reminisce ~

What Has Been Your Biggest Regret?
The One Thing You Are Most Proud Of?
Single Most Memorable Moment?
The Drink Of This Year?
Get Any Scars?

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Times Taken: 1939
Questions: 57
Created by almightypeaches

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Weirdo survey 2: Here's 50...qwt5.

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the waiting, the patient longing in-between.

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the coolest survey part 2.

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