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Katrina Speaks: Katrina's Journal pinkchocolate 4692
Pink Chocolates Won't Sell... katrinakaif2000 4312
Teenage Love Story (really sad) lazybaby41 4089
the most important person in my life. wildatheart356 3864
Bad things happen for a reason *FINISHED* {90 chapterz} katrinakaif2000 3830
My High School Love Life hxcsingingsk8r 3412
Not just one Story.... ~FINISHED~ katrinakaif2000 3234
Kidnapped by Jason Mccan! ~FINISHED~ {50 chap} katrinakaif2000 3067
A not so normal teenage love story. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 2937
Being Black in Korea Isn't as Easy as You Think ilovelanguagess 2903
You Are My Everything. toridx33 2752
Bieber's Little Sister. ~FINISHED~ katrinakaif2000 2725
A GowlandxJulius [from Alice in the Country of Hearts] Yaoi Fanfic miku-hatsune-01 2675
Sympathetic Passion smalltowndreamer 2515
It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say...Yes. toridx33 2014
Roses and Guns. katrinakaif2000 1893
Last breath *COMPLETED* {35 chap} katrinakaif2000 1828
The Forgotten Fear pinkchocolate 1783
Kamala: The Life and Death story of My Number 1 Cat vcat123 1755
My Bestfriend's Girl (an Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Love Story) ilovemtu 1753
The Calling. *FINISHED -15/8/14* katrinakaif2000 1684
Freshman Year toridx33 1683
𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑳𝑲𝑬𝑫. katrinakaif2000 1635
the Craft Gang jqiscool 1608
Dani's in Danger. blizzy15 1568
Living As Me darthjuju 1535
Catching Feelings (A Justin Bieber Love Story) ilovemtu 1488
Torchwood Rules torchwoodhub 1466
One of The Boys lunaeclipse 1437
These Undying Sins.(GxG) xxacidxinsanityxx 1407
Double Life. *FINISHED* katrinakaif2000 1401
Love Story sam445 1382
No way this is an all boys school for demons werewolfs and vampires! awesomeninja 1378
Undress to Depress katrinakaif2000 1371
A love -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 1335
The Johnson Kids jennybenny318 1320
The Christmas miracle sweetpanda 1296
Just another teenage girl's diary. -FINISHED- katrinakaif2000 1266
My Heart Beats For You toridx33 1262
& love really just happens. xxxpaigeisinlovexxx 1261
Since I Met You pinkchocolate 1259
Phaedra the Wizard loonytc 1239
Last Breath -UPDATED- katrinakaif2000 1206
Dear Heart. unconscious-reality 1194
This is not a love story neonlove 1189
Just Love Me candyforever 1156
Please....Dont hurt me! lucifers-darkness 1153
Drake and Samantha Sitting in a Tree... mysterion 1144
Valentine's Day at City County High School andy 1137
A Pirate Story andy 1130

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University of Arizona.

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Good luck with the bake sale.

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her wall.

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learning to let go.

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Sweet & Sassy Now.

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