My moms survival story

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Chapter 1

When my mom was pregnant with me she soon found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She started taking chemo and delivered me safely she after that for years had sever stomach pains. Then one night she woke up having a severe chest pain so my dad rushed her to the hospital but got pulled over by a cop so he told the cop what had happened and then he said ok but just be careful so they left clearly speeding to the hospital a couple hours later the doctors had no clue what was wrong with her so they stuffed her in an ambulance and transported her to a different hospital and there they found out she had low iron and vitamin d and stuff so she started taking ironinfusions then had a tube put in her that led to her heart so they would not have to keep pricking her they put a bunch of saline and heparin in her then she felt better but now she goes to the y and works out every morning ut she is now allergic to beef dairy wheat gluten oranges turkey corn crab pears oysters and other stuff so yeah also she is going to new Orlands tomorrow and coming back Sunday to have another surgery on her stomache so that is my moms story


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You dont know about any punctuation, do you?

Dec 19, 2011 11:30am

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