the most important person in my life.

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Introduction I met this guy in middle school and I fell in love with him and I didn't have much luck with him until we got into 10th grade and yeah read the story, it will make you cry.

Chapter 1 - 7th grade

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It was my 4th or 5th week of middle school and they decided to change my classes from regular ed to basic/resource classes. I had History 1st period, Science 2nd period, English 3rd and 4th period was the most important class, Reading. I already knew how to read but I met some very life changing people in there. I met Kolton, a brown haired, golden eyed boy who appeared to be the class clown, he was only 13 years old but he looked like he was 17. I also met Cullen, a blond haired skater boy who was a grade above us he talked to me more than Kolton did. He had blue eyes and he looked his age, he was 13 as well. Then, finally there was Kimbra, she was a brunette chick with green eyes. We were good friends that year but that would eventually change.
I started to like Kolton when one day we were lining up for lunch and he let me cut in front of him, he was a nice guy and that would change the future. I soon got to know Kolton a little better and I told Kimbra that I liked him. The word got out and he started acting a little weird around me. It wasn't a good weird, it was oh god, SHE likes me? It made me sad but we were still friends, we had lunch in that class and we all had to sit together, there was a table on the lower level of the cafeteria that nobody sat at so one day, me, Kolton and our friend Nathan snuck away and sat down at that table away from everyone else, it was fun until Kolton started inviting the whole class down there. One day, when it was just the three of us sitting down there, Nathan was sick and he didn't show so it was just me and Kolton sitting down there by ourselves. It was very awkward because I rarely talked around him and we had nothing to talk about. Luckily, I had an ordainment I got at the mall that weekend that we talked about. It was Kenny from South Park and he was blue and he had icicles hanging from his jacket hood. We were both very interested in that show so we talked about it. I let him borrow that ordainment and I never saw it again, I still miss it sometimes.
Kolton soon appeared in my English class and I was happy because I got to see him more. His first day in there, he wouldn't leave me alone, he played footsies with me under the desks and Mr. Raya told us to stop flirting. One day, in there, later on during the end of the school year, Kolton said he got a new girlfriend, Lexi, my best friend from 4th grade. That's a nice slap in the face. He wouldn't stop talking about her and wouldn't stop rubbing it in my face. Valentine's day was torture for me. He bought her a big giant teddy bear and some chocolates. I wanted to die. Anyway that year ended and we didn't see each other that summer.

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