my ex

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Introduction my ex and wat do u think of him

Chapter 1 - jerk

ok he ask me out on the 15 of april and everything was going good to me and then 4 days past before i heard from him and when i did we got in to a figth and then he call me on supposely a freind phone and i answer and he start chew me out said i was this and this if i dnt like his freinds we might as well break up and i say i dnt have problem with your freinds and it was the girls fault that we broken and now almost 5 month now i text and said to him want to hang out and he said no because im ground and then he invite me to the game and he stuck to me like glue which was cool and stuff and then we leave about 10:31 and he ask his dad if he could walk us home which was a little weird because when we were date he did not do that and then we go to sonic and get something to drink and were having a blast and he keep flirt with me and im confuse me and if your wondering the first time he use me and i believe he cheat too


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This isn't for journals/questions. This is supposed to be for STORIES. Thanks.

Sep 22, 2011 4:26pm


please read this im real confuse

Sep 20, 2011 12:38pm

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