A little off the wall

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Introduction About a fifteen year old eleventh grader who can't keep her thoughts to herself.

Chapter 1 - Feelings+confuzzlement

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How do you get rid of your feelings? I tried to toss them in the trash, but they are sticking to me like glue. And I kind of don't want to. Because what if...? The what if's. They ruin everything. Theyve got your brain wracked, and you want to try and figure out every single detail and all of the odds before you explode like a time bomb. But these feelings are bad feelings. Because they yearn for impossible things, and are based on dreams that were crushed within seconds. Oh, why did you even put yourself through that? Why did I think that you were going to be any different? Why did I picture this lasting forever when it didn't even exist? I painted a fantasy in my mind and started to believe in it. Until it all came crashing down and I realized it wasn't even real. Why can't it be real? Why does there have to be an obstacle standing in the way? And why does my goal enjoy the obstacle? I want to get the goal so much that I don't want to damage it. So I daydream, now knowing it's not real, and wait...hoping someday the obstacle will move itself out of the way. Is it bad to secretly wish for something that makes something else happy to move out of the way so you can step in? The other option is ridding of my feelings, which is probably the best one. So how do I do that?

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