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Introduction 16 year old Tory is having difficulties with his life which is what makes him write in his journal daily to release what he has locked up in his head and how he views things in life as a teenager.

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July 11th

I'm listening to Hells Bells by AC-DC, bored as hell, trying to think about what has happened these past fews days. The parents are still trying to cope with me to get a job, I'd say it's not working. I don't need a job, I might be sixteen but I believe that the working world starts when you turn 18. I don't even my license yet, that would also explain on how I can't get one. My dad is going to force me to get a job next summer "whether you like it or not". Fuck! I really hate the parents more than anything! Who are they to run my life? I don't need them. I don't need anybody but myself. A spider just crawled across the notebook I'm writing in, that doesn't freak me out, as long as it doesn't touch me then it's not going to die. I hope that tomorrow will be better. But what to do? Miles and Lucas probably don't want to hang out. Miles will probably be too busy playing Call of Duty or Halo 3 while Lucas will be spending time with Amy, his new summer fling. That's in poor taste, I'm still waiting for someone to come into my life who would like to grow old with me. Nah, I'm just kidding. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend for 8 months, Lydia. Actually she dumped me for Paul, her no good ex boyfriend. I'll show that bitch, I'll show everyone! But first, I have to find out what to do. I'll eventually figure that out, but for now I need to clear my head from things.

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