& love really just happens.

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Chapter 1 - It all started ..

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I've always heard love comes by surprise. That it only sneaks up on you, when you're not looking for it. I never believed it, ever. I'd always thought i'd try so hard, until i found the perfect prince charming. I was proved wrong though.

I was a young teenage girl , who recently had her heartbroken. I was still madly in love with the latest guy who made me "fall in love" and then cheated on me. Through the guy who "broke my heart" i meet Kay-tee, Who was on the other end. Kay-tee introduced me to Dee, witch is were this whole story really begins. The story, of how i Learned, love just happens. No , "if's" , "and's", "but's", or "what if's"

One late fall night, It was Halloween to be exact, I was staying at my newest friend Dee's. She lived in the next town over. We were always doing something crazy it seemed like. There was never a dull moment. This weekend, we went extra crazy , because it was Halloween. We decided to dress up, not like anything you'd usually see. We decided to dress up as Kaylee's. Kaylee's was the town slut. She'd slept with almost every single guy in one summer. [ it was a small town, but still .. EW! ] There were few guys who she hadn't slept with. Dee & I hated Kaylee because all the drama she was always stirring up with everyone. Kaylee was always threating to get us "jumped" or "kick our butts".We were getting sick of it. Sad thing was, Kaylee was my best friend for three years, before she started all her drama. Now, immature or not, we decided to do something about it.

So, after we got dressed up. We headed over to Dee's boyfriends. We we're going to fight Kaylee, And Carl, Dee's boyfriend, was going to tape it.

it was going to be the best fight ever.

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