Dani's in Danger.

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Introduction This is about a girl named Dani, she is a sweet, kind 16 year old, but she starts remembering things in her past, they start to haunt her everywhere she goes. How will she get through this?

Chapter 2 - A new Friend.

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I was in my Last class for the day, I had a horrible headache. It’s funny how Dreams make you think, they just can effect the day you have. I haven't stopped thinking about my dream, it was so scary, but it felt so really! I could have sworn it was real! After school ended Chris drove me home, I needed a nap. I told him about the dream, he thinks it’s just because im stressed out maybe, but I felt fine. Oh well, guess I'll get some sleep, before mom gets home. I wake up in my room, its really dark, and its....... 11 pm! Oh my god! How did I sleep that late? I walked downstairs in mom’s bedroom, she wasn't there. I looked in the Kitchen...not there. I dare not go in the basement.... not after the dream I had last night. I try calling her cell phone, it’s off. Im starting to feel worried cause mom usually comes home around 7 pm. where the hell could she be! I call my dad up who's in Washington for work, and he told me to calm down and relax. "She will be home soon" Dad says, and I thank him and hang up. Its 2 in the morning and my mom comes in. "Where have you been!" I screamed. "I was at my brother’s house, we haven't talked in a while, and we wanted to catch up." "You remember your uncle Thomas Don't you?" I start to think, I can't remember him, or what he looks like, I tell mom that. She says "you haven't seen him since you were seven Dani, I wouldn't really expect you to remember, but he is coming over for dinner Tomorrow so be here around 7." "Okay." I went back to bed, no bad dream that night. I got up, got dressed and went to school late, because I fell asleep so late... thanks to my mom. There is another new Kid at our school! How many are going to come here? This one is really cute; he has Brown long hair, up to his shoulders, Dark Eyebrows, beautiful Blue eyes, fair skin tone, and kissable lips that I would die to kiss! Figures...... he's in 4 of my classes. I introduced myself; "Hi im Dani." he looked at me smiled and said, "Hello im, Layke." "So what do you think of this school so far?" I asked, He said "its okay I mean the teachers are nice, but the other students are stubborn." "I agree, the guys here are all jerks too." He gives me a funny look, and says "oh, that's too bad, does that make me a jerk too?" "No you seem... Different, Nice you know what I mean?" He smiled and said "Yea, I guess so, your nice too, we should get to know more about each other." “Yea we should, but I got to go home now, ill talk to you later, bye.” He smiled and waved bye. He is amazing, so cute too! I wonder what he thinks about me, if he likes me, or just wants to be friends. Who knows? I was sitting down at the dinner table waiting for my so called uncle to get here; my mom was preparing our meal. He knocks so my mother tells me to get it, oh great. I open the door, he standing right in front of me. Oh my god! He’s the guy from my dream the other night! That’s so weird. I try to shake that off, and I tell him to come in.

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