Dani's in Danger.

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Introduction This is about a girl named Dani, she is a sweet, kind 16 year old, but she starts remembering things in her past, they start to haunt her everywhere she goes. How will she get through this?

Chapter 1 - Dani's Dream

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I was eating dinner with my family, then my friend, Chris called me and wanted to hang out, he lived in my neighborhood. After i was finished eating, i got my bike, and road down the street, and then i was there. Chris has been my best friend since the beginning of Middle School, we are now in tenth grade. He has stuck of for me, when people would bother me, and i would always stick up for him, considering the fact that he is gay. Chris Is going to be getting his license very soon! im so happy for him, im still in drivers ed. i just turned 16 last month. When i got over there we did our homework together, and talked about guys we liked.
"I like that new guy, whats his name?'' Chris said.
"Im not sure i think his name is Daren, you should ask him to hang out sometime." i said
"Yea, maybe he'd consider being my boyfriend!" Chris Happily said blushing.
and me i don't know who i like yet, every guy i go to school with are jerks, i want to meet someone nice, caring, and likes me for who i am. It was getting late so i had to head home.
Once i got home, i showered, and went to bed. The dream i had that night was so freaky! i was in a house, i don't know who's house it was but i walked in, everything was calm, i walked down to the basement and saw a man, He was about 6'2, had short black hair, gray eyes, and was about in his 40's. that man was sitting down and once he saw me, he came right at me! He threw me to the ground and starting yelling at me, saying "Dani, your going to get it!" He started shaking me and choking me, i couldn't breathe, he threw me across the room, and then watched me lay there crying. "What did i ever do to you!'' "you are a crazy bastard!" Then he got up, and said "Aw Dani, you don't remember me? you caused so much pain for me, and now you are going to end!" he grabbed a big knife behind him and stabbed me in the stomach. Then i woke up, sweating, crying, so confused.

It was Monday Morning, i got up bright and early, after that nightmare i had earlier, and ate breakfast, and walked to school. On my way to school i kept hearing voices, which was weird, they haunted me, saying ''Dani" softly in my ear. i was officially Horrified. When i entered school, i ran into the girls bathroom, and took my medicine. That seemed to calm me down, oh god, this is going to be a long day!

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Thank you im still writing more chapters ! :)

Jun 6, 2011 6:56pm


i love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u did a good job

Jun 4, 2011 3:10pm


im going too thanks =] ♥

May 23, 2011 9:46pm


Write moreee! (:

May 23, 2011 8:09pm

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