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Chapter 1 - HE ATE MY HEART.

I don't write stories.

The other day I was in a ski race--slalom at Ski Cooper. The course had a hairpin and 2 flushes, if I remember correctly. Maybe 2 hairpins and a flush. It looked fun, and I sat at the top freezing my ass off in the snow while my stomach crawled around in anxiety.

I was in the start gate, waiting for "Racer ready?" and trying to figure out how to get over to the first gate on the right without losing too much speed to my lame skating technique...

I flew out of the start gate and around that pernicious gate without even noticing, only to look down a few seconds later at a particularly ferocious gash in the snow from some hardcore crazy skier before me. I had about enough time to recognize the situation and squeak before I was catapulted right down the middle of the first hairpin, hitting every gate with my face. It was awesome. Meaning full of awe, not fun.

I screamed FUCK in my head, and got up to hike and somehow salvage my run, only to discover I'd lost a ski... damnshitfuck. D:< I was so disappointed that I told the random stranger gatekeeper standing on the course how stupid that was.

I wasn't even allowed to finish that gorgeous racecourse. I skied down a stupid melty-powder run right next to the delicious slalom course. I looked at my name, hoping maybe a time would magically appear next to my name on the scoreboard... no such luck. It was a huge, hideous, black, fucking, DNF. D: I almost flung my heartbroken self on the snow to wail like a tortured banshee.

And then I skied back down to the lodge and nursed my broken ego with M&Ms.

The end.


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