My way into the Naruto World

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Introduction (This is an admin x Sasuke story!) Victoria was a outcast who really didn't think as herself as strong. One day she watches Naruto Shippuden and her life turns around! She is stuck inside the Naruto world, but she's with someone she rather not see. Sasuke Uchiha.

Chapter 2 - Chapter 1 (Naruto)

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Now recently, I've been watching lots of anime. Sort of the action and romance kind. I then heard from the anime club that me and Dabria went to. They said, "Hey! Ya'll need to watch Naruto! It's a classic!" Yea I had the manga, but it was only the first actual chapter. I didn't read on or did I want more. I just had it, away in my room. That's when Dabria had a chat with me, talking about Naruto and how her favorite was Gaara or Naruto Uzumaki. I never knew who those characters were, until the next day. I had a sudden urge to look up Naruto. It was of course about ninja's and how they go on missions. I then got hooked and read the manga and watched the old anime. Later on in that month of January, I got a message from someone on Instagram, after I posted about how I loved Naruto and it's series. The person then messaged me, "Watch Naruto Shippuden, it has the characters around your age and everyone seems more alive." So I did. The first episode, I was hooked. I also shipped Naruto with Sakura, even though people didn't agree. I still shipped them and was proud. That's when... The weirdness started. It happened out of the blue... I was in my room, watching one of my favorite youtubers on my phone. I was eighteen at the time and people been having some recent drama and I was trying to figure out the problem. When I was in the middle of the video, I heard a noise. I looked up and paused the video. I quickly thought of my cat. I called his name, but he was never there. I shrugged and went bavk to watching my videos. That's when I heard the noise once again. This time I was annoyed, "Ok, stop whoever is doing that!" I shouted into the nothingness. The noise came again, I looked over at it and saw that it was coming from my laptop that was recently charging. I grabbed it and turned it on as the noise was churning. I then saw a blue screen, not the dark blue screen you would see whenever you would see a virus, it was a much lighter blue. Almost like the sky. I was completely confused. I wanted to get my younger sister, Nina, to figure out whats wrong with my laptop. Yet, I felt that she wouldn't know either. I sighed and then pressed the power button again. The noise remained but instead there was sudden Japanese on the screen along with a woman speaking. She had a real soft voice. Not robotic like at all. I narrowed my eyes, my Japanese wasn't that good. "What is she saying?" I asked myself. "You speak English?" It asked. My eyes widened. 'HOLY CRAP!' I then quivered a bit as I grabbed my screen, "You understand me?" "Why yes, Victoria." 'IT KNOWS MY FUCKING NAME?!' I thought. At this point I was freaked out. I then placed my laptop down and started running to my door. Suddenly the door slammed shut. My eyes widened and I grabbed the doorknob, it wouldn't budge. "You cannot leave." The voice said in an eerie tone. I slowly turned around and saw that the laptop was now facing me and a woman was levitating over the floor. She had long sleeves on her dress and had long white hair. Her eyes were dark and unemotional. My breath seized. I thought I was dreaming. I then pulled up my sweater sleeve and dug my nails into my skin. It broke it and blood ran through my fingers. The woman sighed, "You shouldn't injure yourself." She said and glided over to me. I started going back until my back hit the door. "S-Stay away!" I shouted and hugged myself. The woman sat in front of me, she was over me from how she flouted. "My name is Kaguya, I'm from another universe." She said and I trembled. "K-Kaguya?" I asked and she slowly nodded. "Why are you here?" I asked again. Kaguya closed her eyes, "Your thoughts. I followed them into this world." She said. I then stood up fully. "My thoughts? What was I thinking about?" I asked and Kaguya stared at me deeply. 'How you wish to be in a world that understands you." She said, "That world is hard to find, but there is something similar." She said and held out her hands, an image appeared above them. I narrowed my eyes, "What is that?" I asked for the thousandth time in a row. Kaguya looked up at the image she possessed. "It's the world I lived in now. I lived there with my sons and my ancestors." She said, "I do believe this is the world you belong in." I then realized what the image held, it was the world of Naruto. "Why there?!" "I have faith that you have someone who knows your pain." Kaguya said and then the image dissipated. "Now. I'm going to give you chakara." She said and then stopped flouting. She was a couple inches larger than me. Kaguya then pressed her hand against my chest, my vision then became blurry and I felt a burning sensation all over my body. "WH-What is this?!" I yelled and then went into the floor. I clutched my chest where she placed her hand. "I have fussed some of my chakara to you. So you can fight." I looked up at her. "What are you going to do? Send me to that universe?" I asked and Kaguya bowed her head a bit. "I will make a portal." She said and walked to my closet doors. She held out her hand and a circle started to form and she turned towards me. "Rise. You need to head out." She said and I slowly stood to my full height. "Where will you drop me off?" She narrowed her eyes, "You ask too many questions.." I adverted my eyes and felt my cheeks heat up. Kaguya then stepped aside, "I'll go in." She said and disappeared into the circle. I then looked behind me at the doorknob, I reached towards it, but soon stopped when I had a thought. 'No one will understand me. No one can.' I thought then about Dabria. 'What will she do?' I then closed my eyes and ran into the circle, my last time I was seen in my world.

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