(Not so) Secret Diary

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Introduction Story of a guy's life, see his ups and downs. Will try to fit in first person and make it seem as real as possible.

Chapter 2 - A start

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Some people might think that my first journal shouldn't have a bio and that my personality and character are supposed to be learned through my journals that I write. I agree in some ways, but I have always thought of a journal entry as a conversation. I can't just walk up to someone and say, 'I had a depressing day because my dog died. See-ya!' My first paragraph was my intro because starting with "Hi, my name is blah blah blah. I was born in blah blah blah" is too cliché. As you will learn, I am not cliché. Everything in my life must be a specific way and happen in a specific way. See, unlike most people, I am organized. I also like the yellow starburst, so here is my basic background...

I am a 14 year-old boy. I will not tell my name or where I live because of pedophiles. You'll probably find out eventually anyway. I am also a perfectionist. If everything is not perfect, I am not satisfied. This leads to stress, depression, and anxiety. Because of these things, I have mental problems. My first therapy session is on the 24th. I talk and write smart but I do not think smart. Yes, I am above average but school is too easy so that doesn't count. Speaking of school, although it's easy, it is very time-consuming. My life consists of going to school, doing homework until 2 am, going to bed, and repeating the process, as you will hear frequently. People in real life either find me annoying or lie about the fact that they think I'm funny, so I don't like them either. I can't stand up for myself and do not ask girls out. I just want to live life alone, and in peace.

I adore writing and I've always dreamed of writing a novel, it's like my private place where no one can intrude... I get an amazing idea and start writing, but I get bored then forget it, before I can finish. That's why I started writing journals. Maybe the journals can be my novel because it's something that I can keep on adding to all the time. So... welcome to my novel... I suppose

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