Living up to the Fame

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Introduction When Isabelle's mother dies in a car accident right after Isabelle's eighteenth birthday, she is sent to live with her brother in Beverly Hills. Being Charlie Puth's sister was never easy, and now that she has to live with him, she's dreading all the attention she's going to be getting. Enter an audition and a stunningly handsome actor, and you have a love story that will open your eyes. #notyourusualfanfiction

Chapter 2 - Prologue

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Voices rose and fell all around me, the volume crashing against my invisible wall. What I heard meant nothing. I couldn’t hear any words. There was so much black. I stiffened when hands touched mine and arms were put around me. I resented them, but I remembered they were only trying to be kind. Only trying to cheer me up. As if that was possible in a time like this.

The world was a blur, like I was seeing everything out of extra-strong glasses. At times I felt dizzy, but I could always rely on the stranger next to me to hold me up. I say stranger, but he was my family. My only family at this point.

Charlie had always been the one I could rely on, up until he launched his first song. After that, he had basically disappeared. Part of the reason was that he wanted to protect us from the press, which I could understand and appreciate. But if I’d have known that meant never seeing him, I’d have taken the media and the pressure anytime.

No tears had fallen from my eyes yet. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t filled with grief. I wasn’t hurting. There was nothing. A scary, terrifying, absolute blankness. I was completely numb, and nothing seemed to be able to shake me out of my stupor. Even as I got up and kissed my mother’s cold cheek in her coffin, even as I listened to Charlie play a piece he’d composed for my mother when he was very small, even as I listened to my mother’s best friend sob her way through her eulogy, I was still, calm and composed. My movements were automatic.

‘’Isabelle. Isa, would you like to say a few words?’’ My uncle was tugging at my sleeve. I got up slowly and walked past the audience to the front. I faced them, and was suddenly hit by how many people there were. All eyes on me, my mother’s only daughter.

I didn’t falter as I started, the words starting to pour unrehearsed out of my mouth. ‘’I was five years old when I decided I wanted to get my ears pierced. Mom cried when I told her, and while puzzled five year old me was trying to decide whether that was a no or not, I didn’t realize she was crying because it meant letting a small piece of my childhood go. I wasn’t a baby or a toddler anymore. I was a sturdy five-year-old who knew what she wanted. Nevertheless, she phoned the studio and the next day I was a proud owner of a pair of pierced ears and small pink studs to fit in the holes. I was ecstatic. I’m telling you this story because all throughout my life, my mother maintained the same mentality. She always, no matter what, let me make my own choices. Her guidance was always there, and she made me hear it even if at times I didn’t want to,’’ I let out a dry chuckle and some in the crowd smiled. Charlie sent me a crooked, sad grin. ‘’There were times when she said no, of course, like any parent has to, but usually she let me experience the consequences of my actions and decisions myself, and always, no matter what, she was there to catch and pull me up when things went the wrong way. She left with me a good, sound teaching that will help me through the rest of my life. No doubt this was her intention. Throughout all of this, I was surrounded with so much love. She loved me throughout our arguments, throughout our difficulties, throughout my teen years, which is an accomplishment for any parent.’’ This time more people smiled. ‘’And she loved me right until the end. I can only hope that when the time comes, I’ll be half the mom she was. I love you, mom.’’

I felt something hot behind my eyes and lifted my hand to my cheek to find it wet. The tears had finally come. A knot that I hadn’t noticed was in my stomach started to unclench and I grasped my abdomen as the first sob shook me. Pain, sorrow, every emotion that had been blocked out until now came rushing through my body and I crumpled to the ground, rocking back and forward as tears rushed down my cheeks and stained my white cotton dress.

I felt hands on my waist, lifting me up, arms cradled around me. I heard a faintly familiar voice whispering, and other voice around me, raised in volume. I gasped for breath. There was so much pain. It felt like my insides were exploding, and I finally uttered a sound as I screamed, right before everything went black.


White light pierced my eyelids. Short raspy breaths echoed around me and it took me a while to realize they were coming from me. I forced my eyes open, blinking to clear the blur that greeted me.

‘’Hey,’’ softly.

I turned my head slowly to meet a pair of hazel eyes. My gaze travelled up until I encountered a scarred eyebrow. Charlie.

‘’Hey,’’ I croaked, managing to crack a small smile.

Relief flooded my brother’s expression as he leaned forward to take my hand in both of his. He shut his eyes briefly as they moistened.

‘’Don’t ever do that to me again, Izzy,’’ he said hoarsely. I could tell he’d been crying. His eyes were swollen and red and quite frankly, he looked exhausted. I felt bad for worrying him that way. He must have a whole lot of pressure and stress on him right now, since the press had no doubt already found out that mom had died. Surprisingly, I could think of mom’s death without breaking down. I wasn’t numb anymore, and I could feel the sharp pangs of grief that pierced my heart whenever I thought of her, but I felt, to a certain degree, calm.

‘’I’m sorry,’’ I whispered, softly tracing his hand with my thumb. Above the sadness, I was overjoyed to see him again. The familiar scarred eyebrow brought me back to childhood memories and times where he’d been the best big brother in the world.


He looked up, his eyes bloodshot. I pulled my hand from his clasp and sat up, spreading my arms.

‘’Can we just cuddle for a while?’’

His arms were around me in a second, his curls tickling my neck and his tears wetting my shoulder. His warmth was familiar and comforting. I closed my eyes, tears slipping down my cheek. I’d missed him way more than I’d thought. Something so dreadful had brought us together again.

That’s how our uncle found us three hours later, huddled together on the bed, holding on to each other for dear life. Just two children, a small girl and her brother, trying to grasp the fact that their mommy was gone and would never come back to them.

Just two kids whose lives were about to change drastically.

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