Since I Met You

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Introduction I have always liked writing, ever since I was a little girl. I think it is my love of reading, that motivates me to write. Recently, I've been kind of struggling, had a lot of ideas that I haven't been able to develop further... but after turning 20,000 ideas round in my head over the last few days, and staring at my screen for about 3 hours this afternoon, the result is Chapter 1 here. Hopefully I won't just abandon it and there will be more soon haha.

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Willowton Bookshop closes at three o'clock on Sundays. The sun was out, so after leaving work, I decided to go for a walk at the lake. I stayed for almost an hour, and did quite a lot of thinking.

I thought of how you and I often visited the lake together. I thought of the first time we kissed. Then, after some time, I thought it was a silly idea to simply sit by myself, thinking about the past.

I called at Unwin's bakery for some brownies and muffins, then went home to make tea for Emily, my parents and myself. I checked the freezer, but couldn't find anything that I particularly fancied for dinner, so I ordered pizza and suggested that we watched a film.

On my way home, I passed that disused red telephone kiosk. A memory came to me, from around the time we first met.

It was a little before eight thirty in the morning, and I was on my way to Willowton Bookshop. I passed the red telephone kiosk, turned the corner, and almost walked into you. I mumbled my apology, but you simply smiled.

“Paige! Good morning. I was just on my way to Rosalie's Cafe, to get some breakfast. Would you like to come along too? Have a slice of toast? Or just a cup of tea? I'll pay, you can have anything you like!”

Of course, I couldn't, although I genuinely wanted to.

“That's... really, really kind of you, Tom, but I don't really have the time, I've got to get to work.”

Your smile disappeared. “Oh yeah, of course. No worries. Another time then, maybe?”

“Yes,” I said fervently, and nodded. “See ya.”

Walking away, I hoped I hadn't sounded overly enthusiastic about something that was most likely just a friendly offer. I realised that as much I loved my job, I would rather have gone to Rosalie's Cafe with you.

I didn't expect you to come to the bookshop again, but of course, you did. The second time, you were able to find that book by G.K. Stanton, and seemed quite pleased with yourself. I asked you, what kind of books did this G.K. Stanton write? Mystery and crime novels, you told me. I wondered why I had never heard of this G.K. Stanton.

You introduced yourself. “Thomas Jacob King... but usually, it's just Tom.” You chuckled awkwardly, and stuck out your tongue. For a moment, I said nothing and simply looked at you. Your dark hair, thick and wavy, and slightly windblown. I tousled my own hair, which, at the time, was golden brown with blonde highlights, and that day, seemed a little on the flyaway side. I observed your large chocolate brown eyes and their dark lashes. You were wearing a baggy black and grey T-shirt, jeans, and black trainers.

“Paige Williams,” I said eventually, with an awkward chuckle. “Paige Ruth Williams.”

We shook hands. My hand felt limp, flimsy, inside your strong, large hand.

You looked around, with an eager expression.

“Books...” you said cheerfully. “Lots of books. Lots of books here.”

“I love books,” I declared randomly.

You chuckled again. “Your name is Paige and you love books. Your name is Paige and you work at a bookshop. That's wonderful.”

You explained that you had recently moved to Chesterley, which was around half an hour away from Willowton. Your dad was an English teacher, and had recently started teaching at Chesterley Comprehensive. Your mum was a hairdresser, you said. Then you appeared slightly embarrassed, wondered if you were perhaps talking too much about yourself and your life, or merely talking too much in general. I told you my dad was a mechanic, and my mum, a nursery nurse.

I suppose you remember my boss, Charlotte? Long blonde hair, and almost always wearing a beaded necklace? She came in from the stock room and gave an approving smile.

After you left, she said to me, “Well Paige, if I was twenty instead of forty, I don't think I would say no to him. He's absolutely lovely.”

I agreed with her, of course.

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Well I haven't read that many of her stories I don't think, but the ones I did read, I liked.

Aug 5, 2016 2:14pm


but isnt katrinakaif2000 amazing

Aug 4, 2016 3:10pm


I wouldn't say I'm influenced by anyone in particular. I just do my own thing, write what I want to write, because I like it.

Aug 4, 2016 11:44am


Du u like katrinakaif2000, shez amazin right? She needs to be published. Did she influence u???

Aug 3, 2016 12:39pm


i thought your sistr woz called BeTh/..?

Aug 1, 2016 12:58pm


i thought your sistr woz called BeTh/..?

Aug 1, 2016 12:57pm

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