Pink Chocolates Won't Sell...

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Chapter 213 - learning to let go

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If you had to let go of everything to find yourself, would
you be able to do it? If you had to walk away from your
comfort zone and face a challenge, could you handle it? If
you had to embrace the world and walk alone, would you
make it? Would you give in to temptation or would you
stick it out, fighting for what you know to be right,
unwilling to change, unwilling to conform, ready to take
on the plans that have been laid out for you, that have
been calling for you, that have blessed you?
The beat of my heart, the tightness in my calves, the
sweat on my shoulders, the burn of my pride. There is
absolutely nothing like stealing these moments for myself.
Feeling the power of my own body, knowing that I can push
it that much more, to the brink of what I've done only
days before. Ripping muscles that need to be felt, using
muscles I never knew existed. Not being afraid to sweat in
public. Not being afraid of myself. Coping with stress in
a purely healthy way. Enjoying an apple. Drinking water.
Feeling like I accomplished something productive. Being

haven't changed, but I know I'm not the same. The
intensity of this life is worth every sacrafice. I'm
choosing to feel instead of closing myself off to the
world. Choosing to live, choosing to make opportunity and
seize the day. Carpe diem baby. And I want to bring
everyone with me. I want to get everyone bouncing. Smiles,
it's all about the smiles. It's about taking control of
your life in healthy and positive ways. It's about liking
who you've become.

Enjoy a good glass of wine. Play on the swings. Listen to
the birds. Dance in the rain. Bake chocolate chip cookies.
Indulge in hot baths. Play board games. Rock out to your
radio. Call your mom. Look strangers in the eye. Smile
often. Love whole heartedly. Eat breakfast. Slow down once
in a while. Go running. Stare at the stars. Watch the
sunset. Hug yourself.

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