Undress to Depress

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Introduction Just ONE night. If I wouldn't have gone to the store, I wouldn't have met him. If I hadn't have met him, my life would be normal. One night was all it took for my world to crash.......

Chapter 2 - The party.

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"Oh my God, Hailey, the party's going to be great!" My friend Lauren tells me.

"My parents don't want me going. Im staying for the night."

She replied. "Sneak out, your not missing this,"

"I'll see," I hung up the phone, before she had a chance to say anything else. A few seconds later, a few seconds later my phone vibrated and it was a text from her. It was the gun emoji. I smiled and put my phone down. Just then, my mother comes in the room.

"Want to help me grade papers?" My mother teaches at a high school near the school I go to. She always complains about the kids. It's sort of weird because I know almost all the kids she talks about.

"Sure mom," I slid off the bed, and followed her downstairs to the large kitchen. Where she had a bunch of unorganised office supplies, covering the table. She hands me a red pen and the answer sheet. I actually love grading papers. I'm thinking about teaching when I get older. Anyway, when my mom and Ii grade papers, it's like our bonding time. Despite everyone else's relationship with their parents. I'm close to both of mine, but im more close to my mom though. I love them to death, I literally love them. I tell them everything, well my mom mostly. My dad would freak out, if he heard some of the things me and my mom talk about.

And the best thing? When I help my mother with grading papers, she's the happiest, which is the perfect time to ask her something.

"So mom," I ask. She hummed while looking up from her paper, wearing reading glasses and holding her pen in her hand. "Can I go to Adrian's party?"

"Oh Adrian!" My mom loves Adrian. He's over like all the time. She's come to treat my friends like they were children. He's having a back to school sort of party.

"It's already two weeks into school, but it's just something to get people's mind off things. Please can I go?"

"Fine, I'll talk to your father."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I hugged her and kissed her cheek.

I grabbed my phone and ran up the stairs. "I thought you were going to help me!" She called out, after me.

"I have to get ready!" I call back.

After about 1 and a half hour showering, and washing my medium blonde hair, with brown streaks. I choose my outfit, and jewellery. I grabbed a black short dress with one full sleeve and the other no sleeve. Golden hoop earrings with a gold chain, paired with black velvet heels and a black Gucci purse. I finished applying fake clear nails and admired myself in the mirror. I'm only taking so much time into this, because tonight is the night I'm going to get Dean's attention. I've had the biggest crush on him since seventh grade. I thought three years was enough gawking, I should finally do something. I know he likes me too. I heard tonight was when he was going to make his move. He's my best friend and there's no one else I'd rather be with.

No sooner than when I am down the stairs, my dad walks in, just the person I wanted to avoid. My little brother, Andreas, comes rushing past me down the stairs, and into my dad's arms. He's seven. Then my little sister Jade runs from the living room and clings to his legs, she's four. Mom walks in to the kitchen as well as Josh in her arms. Josh is 5 months old. She kisses him and Andreas, as he starts telling him about his day, not missing a single detail. After a minute, my dad tells him that is not enough for now.

Once everything settles down, my dad looks at me, "And where are you going? Dressed like that?" He asks while taking off his badge, and gun belt thing . My dad is a detective, He's one of the best in the city, as he gets called out every time.

"Hailey you look pretty!" Andreas smiles at me.

"Thanks buddy," I say while tussling his hair, kneeling a little. He has brunette hair, just like Josh and my father. I got my mom's brown hair, but I dye it from time to time.

"Daddy, when can I dress like that?" Jade tugs on his leg.

"Never." My dad replies.

"Kate, did you say she could go out like that?" He asks my mother.

"Oh come on sweetie, let her have a little fun." She smiled at me. In high school, my mom went to parties too and had fun herself. My dad studies and had good grades. My mom did too, but was more fun.


"Dad." I cut him off, "It's not that bad."

"But your only a sophomore. When I was your age, I was studying. And look at me now."

"and I had Fun AND studied," My mother replied emphasizing the 'AND'. "Look at me now."

My dad looked at me, then my mom. "Fine, " He said, giving up.

"Thanks Daddy."

I sat on the couch, and Josh started bouncing on my lap. Looking at my family, I realise how cliché we are. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I horn beeps outside and I run for the door. Lauren already has her drivers license, so she drives me everywhere. I only have my permit. My birthday is late in the year, and I started school a year early so all my friends are sixteen, and I recently turned fifteen a few months ago.

Her jaw drops when I got in the car. "You look hot!"

"Thanks, I want to look good for Dean."

"Oh yeah he told me he's sick and tired of waiting. Being friend zoned is killing him."

"It's killing me too."

She laughs and we speed off.

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