Roses and Guns.

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Introduction The is a story of a young village girl, Evelyn, and a officer, Adam. They both follow different ideologies in life. While one believes in love, the other hates anyone who believes in that emotion, and yet get attracted to each other. Read how they cross paths and fall in love, the story will portray a strong, passionate and aggressive love story.

Chapter 2 - Two Graves

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It was a dark night, when a bus headed towards a village, Lake City.

"Look how pretty the doll is," A woman motioned for her husband to look at it. It had long black hair with a red veil. It had a long red dress and drawn on jewellery.

"Evelyn will really love this doll," She continued. Her husband agreed. A man, who was in his late 30's, with the woman who looked like her early 30's. She had lots of gold jewellery including a ring on her 4th finger.

The man spoke, "When we reach, Evelyn will neither see her mother, nor her father, just this doll." She smiled and agreed.

The bus driver spoke, "We have 10 miles to go! Get a drink, refresh yourselves. Stretch your legs! Stay close to the bus though, it's dark!" He said loudly enough for everyone to hear.

A passenger who was sitting near an elderly woman got up, he went to the entrance of the bus and got a water bottle, he began splashing it on his face. Suddenly, a gunshot was heard. The man had been shot in his right chest. It was red in contrast to the darkness, which couldn't be seen, it could even be mistaken for dried up coffee, for the aging wood which would soak it up. For a few seconds he looked up at the moon as if trying to admire it one last time.

In the distance running and footsteps could be heard. Loud banging of gunshots flew into the bus. Breaking the glasses of windows and damaging the freshly painted doors of the bus. Like millions of red flowers blooming, the droplets of blood fell to the floor and created a path. Yet, even though there was a path, no one would see it nor follow it. After a while of shooting, followed silence. The man got up to protect his wife but both were killed. The silence caressed the woman's skin like a cool summer breeze, smoothing her soul, taking away her jagged edges. Black smoke was seen, It lingered in the air, thick and heavy, like a blanket. The gunshot was no more to be heard. Footsteps approached the bus and there lay cold emotionless bodies of what followed a bloody massacre.


Early mornings are their own reward. The mountains are silhouettes against a crimson sky and the air smells of the ocean. There is something about the dawn that makes each new day such a gift, eases it in gently, unwrapping the world anew. The early morning sun was already well risen and the spring grass shone like it had its own gentle glow from within. The air felt refrigerated as a young girl looked and smiled at a blue butterfly which matched her tunic she was wearing, with black leggings. She was intrigued. As she tried to grab it on her finger it fluttered away. Carrying a doll with similar long black hair as she had she jogged after the butterfly, unaware of her surroundings. Jumping and chasing the butterfly as the cool breeze blew her hair back.

"Hey Flutter, stop!" She called out to the butterfly.

"Evelyn!" Someone called out, it was another girls voice. She chased after her. "Eve, wait."

"Look what you've done Shazia, you made my new friend run away." Evelyn replied.

Evelyn continued running and chasing the butterfly, "Flutter, flutter, wait!"

Shazia, her friend also continued calling her, "Eve, everyone's calling you!"

"Why? My parents are here right? Did they bring anything?" Eve replied.

Suddenly, Eve stopped chasing the butterfly and slowed down to the sight of a crowd wearing black clothes. Her curiosity got the best of her. Shazia had her head down and looking at her hands. "Why are they all crowded over there?"

Shazia didn't reply, but looked at her quietly. They both walked quietly towards the crowd.

"This is the work of ATU, the anti terrorist unit, they wouldn't even wash their hands if they kill someone, that's the type of monsters they are." One man said.

Another man agreed, "These ATU agents just do this in the middle of the night."

After hearing the people talk, Evelyn walked slowly pushing past people to get to her uncle, "Uncle, what is this ATU?"

A woman ran to Evelyn and embraced her, she had tears streaming down her face. "Auntie, why are you crying? Where are mom and dad? Didn't they come?" Her aunt hugged her even tighter. Evelyn's eyes wandered upon the two white sheets on the floor, the sheets flying in the dusty weather. As the sheets flew off a little it revealed a doll wearing a long red dress.

"Dolly?" She smiled and ran towards the sheets, when she got there, the wind blew the sheet off, only to reveal Evelyn's mother. Her hands clutching the doll firmly. Evelyn stood there in shock, her aunt ran to her and calmed her down.

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