Sending Virtual Hug

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Introduction This is a nonfiction novel, and it is an autobiography. Emma began to roleplay, which was basically writing stories as a character with other people, in the Summer of 2013, when she was fourteen years old and entering her first year of high school in the Fall. In July or August of that year, she meets Norberto, another fellow role player on Instagram. The two teenagers begin to chat on Kik, getting to know one another. Their friendship blossoms into a more deeper and sweeter friendship. Eventually, Emma develops feelings for Norberto. Find out how he reacts in Sending Virtual Hug

Chapter 1

School was out, and Summer was here. Oh God. I just graduated junior high; I was a Freshman, entering my first year of high school in the Fall. Oh God.

While most people go swimming, throw awesome parties, and do other stuff during their Summer Break, I roleplayed.

You're probably wondering,
"What the hell is roleplaying?"

It's difficult to explain; role playing is basically writing and pretending that you are a character in a world. You interact with other character's.

It's similar to cos-playing and playing pretend, just typing/writing instead of acting.

Anyways, I began roleplaying early June on Kik.

If you do not know what Kik is, it's an app where you message people.

My friend Chloe, who introduced me to role playing and anime, (I thank her for this, for without her I wouldn't have met some of my best friends) added me to group messages.

In these group messages were other role players.

Unfortunately, most of these role players did role plays that involved sex ._.

Through the whole month of June, my first and only character at the time, Anni (sort for Annibella) was a slut.

In retrospect, I was very immature xD

That's in the past, though.

Towards the end of June and beginning of July, I decided to make a role play account on Instagram.

My account name was @anniflorassia or something like that (it's @anni_and_others now, but I don't use that account anymore)

Being as Anni was my only character at the time, I only role played as her.

In July, I met Adam, who was sixteen at the time, who role played as a character named Draco. We made our characters fall in love and begin to date.

One day, towards the end of July and beginning of August, I posted a role play where Anni was in the palace gardens (for Anni was a Queen)

That was when I met...him.


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