The Johnson Kids

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Chapter 1 - Sara and Merlin's New Sister

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One sunny May day, Mrs. Johnson was in the hospital having a baby. Her daughter, Sara was so excited, she called her best friend/neighbor, Jen, "Hi Jen, my mom's in the hospital having a baby. Do you want to go over there with me?"
Jen said, "Sure. I'll be right over."
So, Jen went to Sara's house and got in her car.
When they got there, Sara asked the woman at the desk, "I would like to see my mom, Julie Johnson."
The lady looked in her book, "She's in room B12."
Sara thanked her and called to Jen, "Come on, let's go."
When Sara and Jen got to the room, Sara said in a happy voice, "Hi mom! I am here with Jen. Where's the baby?"
Mrs. Johnson pointed to the crib; "She's right here."
Jen cooed, "Oh, she's so cute! What's her name?"
Mrs. Johnson said, "Nimue."
Jen said, "That's a pretty name."
Mrs. Johnson smiled, "Thanks." Then she said to Nimue in a baby voice, "My little Nimmi!"
Jen rolled her eyes then turned to Sara and said, "Hey. Where's Merlin? He should be here."
Sara said, "He's at Jake's house. He said he doesn't want another sister."
Jen said, "Well, he's going to have to live with it. But, I bet in a few years he'll get along with her."
Sara shrugged, "Yeah. Maybe."
Jen turned back to Mrs. Johnson, "When are you coming home?"
Mrs. Johnson said, "Tomorrow."
Sara sighed, "Well mom, we'll be going now."
Mrs. Johnson added, "While you're out, can you pick up Merlin?"
Sara sighed again, "Yeah. Sure."
When they got to Jake's house, Sara yelled, "Come on Merlin, it's time to go home!"
Then when they got back to Sara's house, Jen said excited, "You know what would be a great idea?"
Sara said, "No, what?"
Jen said, "How about if we have a welcoming home party for Nimue? We will invite all your friends, neighbors, and relatives. "
Sara got excited, "Yeah. That is a great idea! It will be like a baby shower."
The next day when Nimue and Mrs. Johnson were coming home from the hospital, all of Sara's relatives, friends, and neighbors were hiding. Then when Mrs. Johnson opened the door, everybody popped up and yelled, "Surprise!"
Mrs. Johnson was so happy; "This is nice. Sara, did you do this?"
Sara smiled, "Yes. With the help from Jen."
Mrs. Johnson said, "Thank you so much!'
Jen and Sara said, "You're very welcome!"
So, Sara had another sibling to take care of and she loved it.

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