my singing life

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Introduction have you ever wondered what somebody singing life is well here is the place to find out

Chapter 1 - i grew up

when i was a baby girl i was just a normal girl
in florida with my mom and my dad
and a small bedroom. And it was hard having all
my things squeazed up into one bedroom
when i was 3 years old my best friend lily
started watching princessess movies and i watched them with her
i saw cinderlla with all the singing and i sang bibbidy boppidy boo
for a very long time when i was small i didnt really realize that
i had this enourmus talent inside of me i just dressed up as princessess
they were my fave thing and i sang 2 much .
and i think that was some talent.

7 years later on my tenth birthday i was a singing pro i hit really really high notes
and i was so talented ! i even sang in front of my whole family and my mother and dad and they thought i was so talented that when i was opening my birthday gift
i got a sparkly pink karoke machine i loved it it had a microphone and i sang so much that a couple months later i was sick in bed with a sore voice and i was losing my voice.
i felt a little sad cause i thought my voice would never come back but it did !
i loved the singer anna graceman she made me smile
i watched her videos i started getting comments on youtube that i was a great singer
i got over 40000000000,0000000000000,0000000987229, suscribers and people watching and complimenting my singing i was a curly pretty girl with actually 5
amazing talents which are singing, dancing , piano,guitar , art
this is me!!!!!!!!!!


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