Double Life. *FINISHED*

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Introduction What would you do if, when you died, you woke up as someone else?

Chapter 1 - universe's miracle.

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If someone asked you right now if you felt like you were a loser, would you say yes? If someone asked you how many friends you had, would there only be a few? If someone asked if you were depressed or unhappy, would you answer yes? Well there was one time when I thought I would do too.

I guess you could say it was another life. I say it was my real life. But whatever it was, It wasn't the life I am living right now.

Sometimes in life, there are things that happen to us, that cause our brains to go into a place. I don't know what happened to me and no-one does. But my brain took me there. Some people say that when something terrible is happening to you, that your brain shuts you down, and you go to a place that your brain makes up, that seems so real, you just can't escape. Well, My brain did that. Not only that, It took me to a place where I was a completely different person, in a whole different place. I don't even know if what I saw and heard was real. If that place even existed.

But to me? It did. Now, while your in that place, If the danger is gone, your brain tries to wake you up. That's what Mine tried doing. But I guess I was a too good time, because I wasn't waking up. Now that I think of it. I did always see signs. Weird Signs. Hearing people asking for someone to wake up. Seeing 'wake up' sprawled in pictures, or on posters. I never took the hint, I guess.

I lived from the day that my unconscious self was born, Until he was sixteen, Where he died in a car accident. That was when I woke up three days after that terrible thing happened to me. Which was also three days after the accident. When I was ready to accept death, I was snatched from his cold hands and ended up in a hospital room, surrounded by loved ones.

But these strangers, who I now know everything about, because shortly after my memory came back about this life, aren't the ones I love. I love my family and my friends in my old life, because they actually loved me. These strangers, they don't love me they love what I am.

So, when you start to think your life is terrible, think for a second, what would happen if you woke up, beautiful, rich, popular and no-one you thought you loved doesn't even know you. And the people that know you, Don't even love you.

I know it doesn't sound like it to you, but it's terrible. I have so many friends, but I have none at all.

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Lov* it :3

Oct 17, 2013 6:38pm

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