Bad things happen for a reason *FINISHED* {90 chapterz}

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Chapter 1 - Meet Olivia Smith

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I wake up on Saturday morning, My blue eyes opening and the first thing I see is the sun filtering through the window and flooding my white carpet floor. The sun is reaching towards the end of my King-Sized Bed, but, thankfully, the pink headdress on my bed covering me, I'm shaded. I threw my blanket of my body and climbed out of bed. Stepping towards the bathroom, I push open the door and step onto the pink tile and look around. White sink. White toilet. Two White showers and a pink hot tub. I strip my pyjamas and step into one of the showers, turn on the water and let the hot water burn down my skin, relaxing my muscles. Once I'm done, I step out and cover a purple towel around my body. I sit on the toilet and blow-dry my hair. Done. I walk back into my room, pass my vanity, and step into my humongous closet. I pass three shelves filled with purses, two shelves full of accessories, four shelves of shoes, and step into another room. I look around and see six large wardrobes. Jackets and sweaters, shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses. I open my shorts wardrobe and use the remote to spin the wardrobe around. I pull out a pair of light blue shorts and walk to my shirts. Spin, spin, spin. I pull out a V-neck that hangs to the elbow, and it's purple with black flowers. I walk back into the closet and pull out a pair of neon purple socks.

I open my bedroom door and walk down the hall, passing five bathrooms, four guest rooms, my parents room, and my brothers room. I reach to the stairs and walk down, First seeing the large white front door with a window placed in the center. To the left are the Offices, Study room, game room, library and a few other bathrooms. I walk to the right, where there is the kitchen, The living room, another game room and a library, a reading room and a few more rooms. I step into the kitchen and reach for the fruit bowl, where there are clean, red, green and yellow apples. I grab a yellow and Red apple with no dents or marks, and take a bite into the apple. Amazing. I walk into the dining room, where there is a humongous table and a wine barrel in the corner. My brother is eating Belgum waffles, and my mom is eating a non-fat, low-calorie fruit salad.
"Good morning, Olivia." My mother tells me, and I smile, taking a seat next to my brother. He's practicly finished with his food; he is the fastest eater in the family. I'm the slowest, it takes me two hours just to eat a apple. Th emaid comes in and takes my brothers plate away, and my brother Jason, brings out his PSP.
"Jason, No games at the table, go into the game room." My mother tells him, and he jumps from to table, and runs into the game room. I figured she must want to talk to me. I spot my pair of Pink vans and hold onto them still listening to my mother.
"I have some wonderfull news Olivia." I smile at her wondering what she will tell me next, Another Pent house? Another Beach house in Hawaii? I'm dying to know. But what she told me I was not expecting.
"You're getting an arranged Marriage." Says My mother and my vans slip to the floor. It takes me a few seconds to reply, because really, I am very shocked of Why she would say such a thing.
"Arranged? what is that suppose to mean?" I ask but she does not listen. She walks straight out of the room. and I know right there, my life is officially over. I follow my mother into the living room, where she is already sitting on a gold puffy couch in front of the fireplace, while reading a magazine.
"MOM, what do you mean? is this some joke?" I asked.
"Olivia Dear, you're getting married and that is final."
"WHAT? I'M ONLY SEVENTEEN! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME MOM! How can I get married at this age?" I ask breathlessly.

But she ignores me and continues to read. I stare at her, wondering what she will say next, but she doesn't say anything. I groan and glare at her, then walk through the foyer and run upstairs. How could she do this to me? Why would I, out of all people in this earth, want Me to get married? I still have a glare on my face as I pass my brother, who has a paper airplane in his hand, and step my bedroom door behind me as I step inside. I start to wonder if this is just a joke, but I know It isn't. I sigh and jump onto my neatly made bed, sad. I start to wait for a few hours, about three, wondering if she would come upstairs and say something like:
"Sweetie, I'm sorry I did that, that joke was way out of hand." And we would have a laugh and all our troubles would be over. Giving up, thinking she would walk into my room, I turn on my one hundred and 30 inched television that is hanging on my bright pink wall, and watch the PRINCE & ME. I've watched this movie over a thrillion times, but I don't really mind, it's a tragic love story that always makes me smile. After replaying the movie seven times, the maid, Anita brings up my dinner and a bowl of ice cream, and a glass of tea. Anita is my Favourite.
"Sweetheart, I heard what happened, and i'm sorry, your mother said she doesn't want to bother you, so I can be your buddy tonight, OK?"
and I smile nodding. We both sit on my bed together, and I share my dinner with her. We are both sipping on our iced tea, and eating ice cream, watching the PRINCE & ME. I start feeling better again.
"This movie is so great." I whispered, and Anita nodded quickly, her widened eyed staring at the television. I am guessing Anita has never seen this movie. When the movie ends she tells me she has to go, and grabs the dishes and walks downstairs. I lay in bed. The window pouring darkness into my room followed by the moonlight, soon enough, I fall asleep.

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wow you are a talented writer !

your awesome, tia write more!

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