Marvin The Martian Saves New York City

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Chapter 1

Marvin is in his office when suddenly the telephone rings. “Ring, ring.” Marvin answers the phone, ”Hello? Oh, hi Mayor. What’s up?”
Marvin, you’ve got to come to Earth quick! The Aliens are here!” Shouted the Mayor.
“I’ll be there.”
“Well, hurry!”
Marvin hung up and went to find his family and friends. “Mark, Marshall, and everybody. Max you come along too,” he said to his dog. “We have to go and fight off the Aliens.”
“Not again!” Complained Mark and Marshall.
“Sadly yes,” said Marvin.
So, Marvin and everybody got in their spaceships and went down to Earth. When they got there they found the Mayor by the Empire State Building.
“Good. You’re here. The Aliens are over there. Good luck!”
When Marvin saw Adam the Alien he said, “Die! You Alien garbage!”
Adam said, “Ooh, look. Marvin is going to kill me. I’m scared.”
“You better be,” said Marvin pointing the laser gun at Adam.
Marvin shot Adam and that was the end of all the Aliens.
Marvin said to his friends, ”Don’t worry they’re dead. We’ve won!”
“Yea, we won!” Shouted Marshall and Mark.
Then Marvin went to the Mayor.
“Thank you Marvin for saving New York.”
“It was no problem.”
Then Marvin turned to his friends, “Well guys, its time to go back to Mars.”
So, Marvin and all his friends went back to Mars.


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