Allyson Skie

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Introduction Allysn Skie {AKA Ally} doesnt know who or what she is. She doesnt even know who her real parents are. All she knows is to survive. Never let anyone close. Then she meets Kris West. Will everything she knows fall apart? Will she leave like nothing ever happened?

Chapter 1 - Ally

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" IShot up and shut off my annoying alarm clock and layed back down. it was 7 am and I had volleyball practice in an hour. I realy did not want to go because I wasstill ore from yesterday and it was only a Sunday. Today is going to be ten times worse. We hveto run a mile and a half, lift weights for and hour, and then run bleacers outside. Then inside we have to do a series of 15 different stations in a minute and a half per round and we have to do 2 rounds each. Then finally we get to the volleyball part. "Ally? Are you up yet? You have practice today!" Kristian yelled through my door. "Yeah! I'm up!" yelled back. Then to make him happy got out of bed and then went to the door and opened it so the he could see me, bedhead and all. Then as he walked in behind me I headed into my closet. My closet was so huge hat I actually had to have secions to be able to navigate it. I automatically headed towards the back to the workout section to find my clothes for the morning. When I walked to my closet dressingroom I looked at the wall that had a hidden door in it. As soon as I passed it I remembered my first concert ever. I sang my hit song "Ready for Love" in that outfit. I can offically say that it is my favorite.Then I paused and remembered the really cute guy that as nice enough to take his friens little sister to that concert. The little girl practically told me her life story as I was signing a piece of paper for her. She was the cutest little girl ever. Her name was Emily Maureen.


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