the Craft Gang

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Introduction When Nick's party goes terribly wrong, Johnny and his friends try to fix it...

Chapter 1 - The Party

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I didn't know that Nick had airsoft guns until that one day when I came to his house for a birthday party. I knew this because it was decided among the group that we would have an epic airsoft gun war. Since Nick lived across a huge park, we could play there. The captains had been set: Ethan and Nick. Eventually after picking teams, Ethan had a team of all of his friends. His first pick was me of course. I was his best friend of all time, he was the one that gave me the nickname Johnny instead of the generic Jonathan. Next up he chose Miles, an athletic, strong, fast, and talented individual. He could run a mile in six minutes flat. Patrick was chosen next. Patrick was short, but his size didn't resemble his personality. He was one of the toughest guys on the block. He also had an extreme sense of humor. Charlie came next. Charlie always was talking and always had a girlfriend. He hated nobody and was hated by nobody. Ethan's next pick was Tommy. Tommy could jump higher than anyone we knew, and he always was laughing at something. Last but not least was the legendary Jake. Jake was tall, fast, intelligent, and tough. Nobody wanted to mess with him. I still didn't understand why Jake was chosen last, but I figured Ethan wanted to pick all of his friends in order of importance. Nick chose his 6 friends, and we were ready to start. We ended up choosing team names. Our team was called, "The Masters Department" and Nick's team was called, "The Craft Gang" They chose this name because of the "crafty" ways they would eliminate us. The whole thing went downhill from that moment on.

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