My Bestfriend's Girl (an Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio Love Story)

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Introduction When new girl Skylar moves to town and becomes friends with Austin and Alex they both fall for her, Skylar is confused because she has fallen for them both but knows no matter what boy she choses she will lose a friend.

Chapter 1

*Austin's POV*
I was walking back from school with my friend Alex by my side, we were talking about my name single 'Say Somethin' "I just can't believe how far you have come! I am so proud of you bro!"Alex said as he patted my back
"Me neither! My mahomies are amazing"I smiled big as I said that, because its true they are.
"Well I've got to go"Alex said as we reached his house, he was about to start running until we noticed a girl, she was tall and had brown hair with pink highlights.
"Wow.."Alex and I said

She started walking towards us
"Hello, my name is Skylar, I just moved here from Ohio"She said with a smile, she had a small gap between her teeth and purple braces, her eyes were a deep shade of blue. "Hi, I'm Alex and the mute is Austin"He said pointing at me, I let out a small laugh and looked to the ground.

"do you maybe want us to show you around?"I said as I tried my hardest to avoid making eye contact with her
"Sure! I want to know more about this place after all I'm stuck here for like ever"She giggled
"Alright then, let's go"Alex said.

We took her to our favourite ice cream shop and then to the park,
We learned a lot about her, she was 16 like us and she loved kick boxing, soccer and she used to be a cheerleader in her old school, we found out that she was going to attend our school! And that she had heard of who I was but had never listened to my music.

**AN: I know it is hella short but I swear I will update if I get readers!**


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