Catching Feelings (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

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Introduction Brooklyn is the ex girlfriend of Justin Bieber, he left her and moved to Atlanta to pursue his music carrier, what will happen when Brooklyn and Justin meet again?

Chapter 1 - The Trip To The Park

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*flashback to the break up*

"Justin don't leave me!"I screamed

"I have to, you knew we wouldn't last, this is my dream if you love me then you have to let me go"Justin said, his beautiful eyes staring into mine.

"But you promised we would last forever"I sobbed

"Brooklyn, I swear I'll visit and I will never forget you"Justin said as he kissed my lips one last time and walked out the door and left for Atlanta.

*end of flashback*

"Brooooookeee.!"My friend Chaz screamed as he jumped on my bed

"Fuck off Chaz"I said as I kicked him off and walked into the bathroom to shower,

I put on a pair of denim shorts and a white top that showed my tummy, I let my long wavy blonde hair flow down my back.

"What are we doing today?"I asked my friend Ryan as I took a seat between him and Chaz,

"Park?" I suggested

"Okay, park it is, so you up for it guys?"Mitch said as he began to dance around

The boys nodded in agreement,

"Mitch, sit"Chaz commanded, I began to laugh hard

"Damn I miss school..."I said as I sighed loudly

"Yeah school was pretty fun, hey do you remember that time when Justi-"Ryan stopped in mid sentence, the boys never mentioned Justin when they were around me, Justin and I dated from when we were 12 until he left and moved to Atlanta in 2008

they knew that I still loved Justin so they didn't mention him in front of me.

"Anyway wanna go to the park?"I smiled big as I walked out of the bedroom door

"Nolan, I want a piggyback ride"I said as I jumped onto his back,

We walked down the street and eventually got to the park, we saw Jeremy, Justin's dad in the park with Justins younger half-siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon.

I hopped off Nolans back, I walked over and greeted them,

"Hey Jeremy, I haven't seen you in so long!"I said as I hugged him

"I know"He replied with a smile that reminded me of Justin.

"Book! Book!"Jaxon said

"Jaxon, its Brooke not Book"Jazmyn said,

I giggled and hugged them both

"Stop being a brat and come here!"I heard a familiar voice say,

I turned around and came face to face with my worst nightmare but best dream.

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