Phaedra the Wizard

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Chapter 2

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The Wizard Elder sat there for a few seconds, taking in what had just happened. It wasn't anything new, Phaedra the Lonely seemed to always have angry mobs after her. He looked up into the tree she had climbed up. She was still clutching it desperately, waiting for a final stone to come and strike her. The Wizard Elder sighed.

"You can come now down, Phaedra." She looked down, glad to see the Wizard Elder, and slowly climbed down. She picked up her wand and showed it to him.

"...It broke," she said, slightly embarrassed. The Wizard Elder picked took it out of her hands and stared at it for a few seconds, contemplating.
"I bet Zorean could repair this," he said, almost to himself. Phaedra watched as he put the wand into his robe pocket.
"I'll return it to you once she fixes it. you can use mine for now," he replied handing her his wand. Phaedra stared at him in shock. The wand was made of gold with a small flame carved at the bottom of it. She hesitantly picked it up.

"But, sir, they say these type of wands were created by Gods..." Phaedra started, but was quickly interrupted.

"Which is why you must be very careful with it. If you loose it, you could be banished forever, understand?" the Wizard Elder said, sternly. Phaedra nodded and gripped the wand tightly. The Wizard Elder smiled slightly and turned. "You better get home, Zorean is predicting rain today..." Phaedra looked in the sky to see the dark grey clouds forming, and quickly rushed to get home before the rain started.

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