Phaedra the Wizard

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Chapter 1

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"What about that girl, over there?"

"Oh, her? Don't pay attention to her, she a freak."

Phaedra. That was her name. That was the freak's name. Her full name was Phaedra the Lonely, given to her by the Wizard Elder. She was abandoned by her parents, because she wasn't supposed to have been born. She was a cross breed between human and wizard. Her hair was a golden brown, unlike most wizards who's hair was pink, lavender, maroon, or blue. She was the illegal child, and if it weren't for the Wizard Elder she would have been killed by the others, but she wasn't killed. She was alive, sitting in the open, where she could hear everything said about her. And they were never good things. She was isolated, in her own mind. A dreamer as the elder called her. Special. He had called her special, too, and for a few seconds of her life, she felt happy. But things changed. She soon had realize that special meant different, and different meant she was a freak. She was Phaedra the Lonely, Phaedra the Dreamer, and Phaedra the freak.

"Get her! Stone the freak to death!" they chanted, chasing Phaedra around the forest, holding wands and rocks, getting ready to murder her. She rushed away, panting as the sweat dripped from her hair to her face, and ran behind a tree and climbed it, pulling out her wand. Her wand was pretty much a stick the the Wizard Elder enchanted, but it worked almost as well as a normal wand. Phaedra studied the magic of Water,but she wasn't good at magic, being part human.

"There she is! In the tree! Stone her!" they shouted from below, and stones came flying up from where they were standing.

"Gack!" she screeched, ducking behind the branch. A stone flew up between the branches and hit Phaedra's wand, breaking it into two.

"My wand!" she yelled, as it tumbled out of her hand and into the leaves.

"The freak's stick is gone!" they cheered, throwing up more stones.

"That is quite enough!"

"Huh?" they mumbled, turning to where they'd heard the voice. It was the Wizard Elder of Fire, glaring at the trouble-makers.

"This is much too reckless. You do realize you could be killed for this?" The wizards' looked down in shame. "Get to your homes, now," he demanded. The wizards scattered off.

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