A GowlandxJulius [from Alice in the Country of Hearts] Yaoi Fanfic

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Introduction With this fanfic, I'm writing it on paper first then typing, omk, you have no idea how hard it is to hide it from my teachers when I work on it at school... -.-" Anyway, enjoy! Personally, I think this one's a bit better than my other one...

Chapter 1 - Gowland Came Over Again

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I was sitting at my desk, working like usual, when there was a knock on the door. The only people that really ever come to see me are Ace and Gowland. "Come in." Unsurprisingly, Gowland walked in carrying two bottles of wine. He smiled and put one of the bottles down on my desk. "I'm not drinking that… I need to work, Gowland."
He smiled and pushed the bottle closer to me. "It's only wine Julius, not like it's going to do much. One glass can't hurt." He poured me a glass of wine and handed it to me. I sighed. It seemed whenever Gowland came over, it was only to drink alcohol. Although, the short break from my work is kind of nice. However, they cause me to fall behind in my work, and I can't chance that.
I put the glass down and sighed. "I can't, I'm already too far behind in my work. I don't need to fall further." His smile went away which seems rare whenever he's over.
He seemed to realize he stopped smiling and tried to again. "Julius, just this once? Then I promise I won't bother you again." I looked up at him. Do I really seem like that? I admit it, I'm antisocial. That's the reason why I'm not used to people though, that and my work. It was only normal for me to act like this. I didn't want him thinking he bothers me and I don't like him. Ugh, I think I really do need a drink. I sighed and downed my glass of wine.

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