No way this is an all boys school for demons werewolfs and vampires!

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Chapter 1 - Chapter one

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I woke up to the smell of bacon and I imeddiatly knew something was wrong mom never fixes hot breakfeast unless she has bad news. "Jenna wake up I think something is wrong mom is cooking breakfeast!" said my brother tommy.
"yeah okay I'll be down in a minute just let me get dressed."
I threw on my hot pink tanktop, my leather jacket, my tutu, my hot pink knee socks and my black high heel shoes. After making sure I looked good I ran my brush through my curly bright red hair and put in my sparkly pink earings. Then I ran down the steps. "Mom? Is everything okay?" I asked.
"Yes" she answered.
I was so confused "Then why did you make breakfeast?"
she answered "I have GOOD news!"
"umm what might that be?" asked tommy
"not for you silly for jenna"she replied as if he should have all ready knew it. "Well what? Did you get me a new phone? Or a new tutu or some leggings or-"I was cut off. " No of course not" she said as if those things weren't important.
"Then what?" I said getting a little annoyed. "You are Going away to boarding school!"
"NOOOO! my nightmare must be coming true" I yelled very upset. "That is NOT good news that is horrible news!"
I was going off in my mind I was calling my mom a hundred different names I would never say outloud. But outside I could only stare at her. What was she thinking? "Mom what about my friends and tommy and my life here at cullsville?!?"
I was halfway through the school year "Do you know how humilliating it is to transfer schools in the middle of the year after spring break? Huh?" I was just getting started "how many miles away is this school? Will I live there? Will I get to come home for the hollidays? When do I leave? NO i'm not,no,no way." I was talking so fast I could barely understand myself my mind was racing. "Jenna calm down it is only 89 miles away honey." my mom said as if it wasn't that far. "Mom 89 miles is to far away! It ain't fair!" I complained "Yeah!" tommy spoke up he had been so quite since mom had said I was going away.
"Yeah well jenna life isn't fair and by the way ain't ain't a word and we ain't gonna use it!" she sounded upset."I am going to school!" then I stormed out the door. I am in 7th grade
I walked down the sidewalk to meet my bff cassie at the bus stop.
"hey cassie."i said. She was wearing a bright green tanktop with a hot pink jacket with her bright green leggings with her short shorts and her long straight blonde hair with a bright green streak on the right side of her hair. She stood there with confidence as if dareing the world to question her."hey jenna"she said.
"I have some bad news" I said half crying."Jenna? What is wrong I have never seen you so sad." she said worried.
"I a-am transfering schools!"I started to cry even worse.
"Thats okay we can still see each other, I can come to your house and we can hang out and we can text." she said trying to look at the bright side. "no I have to go t-to a b-b-boarding school!"I sobbed.
"NO WAY! Your mom would never do that you just lost your dad and well you need to be around people you love in your time of grief."she said freaking out.
"I know! It ain't fair I leave on monday!"I cryed
"well then this weekend we will have to do everything humanly possible before you leave, then I will help you pack." she said.
"okay"I was outta tears.

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I haven't posted 4 a while but am working on a new chapter

Jun 14, 2012 8:10am


lolz i wear the same outfits as the girls lolz i love tutus

May 16, 2012 9:20pm


thank you so much! =)

May 9, 2012 9:28pm


that was a really good story!!!

May 9, 2012 2:59pm

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