It Reminded Me of Second Grade

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Introduction One day at recess during 5th grade, Lily and her friends decided to play tag. But when Lily's friend Gretchen's boyfriend asks to play with them, Lily was reminded of some unfortunate events between her and Reier (Reier is Gretchen's boyfriend, by the way.), Lily is reminded of recess 3 years ago in 2nd grade. Please comment! Seriously.

Chapter 1 - Recess

Once upon a time, there was recess in 5th grade. Wait, that's a bad start. Ok, I'll start again: Hi, I'm Lily. I'm in 5th grade at Delano Middle School. I have four best friends- Jessica, Anna, Nicole, and Gretchen. We do almost everything together, and we're all in advanced math. So, here's a quick summary of me and my friends:

Anna- loves the Hunger Games series, in advanced math and reading, and has a crush on Sam Kern. Team Peeta.

Jessica- bikes almost everywhere, has a strict religion, and is in advanced math.

Nicole- in Destination ImagiNation, loves the Hunger Games, in advanced math and reading.

Gretchen- Destination ImagiNation, Girl Scouts, advanced math and reading, loves the Hunger Games, and is Reier's girlfriend.

Lily(me)- Destination ImagiNation, Girl Scouts, advanced math and reading, LOVES Harry Potter, and has a crush on Tanner.

Ok, so there's me and my friends. Back to the story.

Anyways, at recess on April 5th, my friends and I went outside right after lunch to play tag. My friends Kayla, Brianna, Maya, and Madelyn would've played, but they were having a pizza party, so they were inside. And so that meant that Anna had to be IT. After we all got outside and touched the pole, which was actually a STOP sign and time, we started. Anna counted to 10, and we all took of running. Gretchen, Jessica, and I all ended up in the same spot. Nicole had disappeared somewhere else. And then Anna finished counting, saw us, and starting weaving in and out of the football players as she tried to reach us. But we were really quick, so we all got back to time and Anna was forced to count again. But then that's where the surprise came in.

Reier, Gretchen's boyfriend, walked up to us girls and actually asked if he could play with us. Anna said OK, and she tagged him and ran to the pole. Reier wasn't at all mad that she tricked him, and then he started counting and we all ran off in the same direction. But Reier was, of course, going only for his girlfriend, not the other four people that were also playing. I was just standing there, and he ran right past me, going straight to Gretchen. We all hated it, because Gretchen didn't like being the only target, and the rest of us were just standing around doing nothing. FINALLY Reier tagged Gretchen, and then she just went for anybody but Reier, because she knew what would happen if she tagged him.

I hated that recess. Well, actually, it was kind of fun, but the memories weren't fun. I was actually kind of jealous, because I used to like Reier, and I didn't like how he was know dating my best friend. And when we were in second grade, Reier and I would play house with three other girls, and me and Reier would be husband and wife. We did that for the whole second grade, and in third grade he stopped talking to me. I was really sad, and I had a broken heart. Just as it started to repair, Reier came back and acted like we were still best friends. And then he went off to Gretchen, and I couldn't help it. I stopped liking him at the beginning of 5th grade, and then I started to have a crush on him again. And I knew a lot of boys liked me. Reier told me that he liked Gretchen AND me, and then there was Ben, Isaiah, and a few others. But I liked him again, and he did like me, but he was already dating Gretchen. And then, after recess, there was this Social Studies test. I know I only got one out of 10 right.

So, happy ending, right?


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