And then I Hated my Best Friend

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a person. Named Lily. She had a best friend who was wildly popular throughout the whole grade, Gretchen, who was always surrounded by people, so Lily was left out and alone for almost the whole school day. Lily hated that. She always wanted to be like Gretchen, with a lot of friends, but it seemed like she only had a few, like 9 or 10. And then the matters got a whole lot worse.

So, Lily, even though she was alone and bullied when her friends weren't around, she liked somebody, just like every girl does sometime in life. This boy was strong, funny, and really smart. His name was Tanner, and Lily had heard that he liked another girl, but she hadn't given up hope...yet. That all changed during PE (physical education) when they played Capture the Rings.

At the Delano Middle School, there are 7 different groups in PE, based on how many levels in swimming that you passed. Lily, Tanner, Gretchen, and a few other people were in Group 7. On March 19, 2012, Mr. Longstreet, their gym teacher, seperated them into 2 teams, and Lily, Tanner, and Gretchen somehow got onto the same team. Well, so Gretchen used to like Tanner, but then she started liking another boy that was just like her. Popular. Smart.

Anyways, in the game there was a jail, and if you got tagged by a person on the other team, you went to jail, and you could only get out if another person from your team got to the jail without being tagged, took somebody's wrist, and brought them back. You couldn't get tagged as long as you were somehow attached to the other person. Every time Lily got out because she had tried to get the rings but gotten tagged, Gretchen or Tanner would get tagged and come join her in the jail. And then if Tanner was in the jail, Gretchen would go and rescue, not her best friend, but Tanner, and then if there were other people in there like Brock or Maya or Anna, then she would go back and rescue THEM, and not Lily. And if Gretchen was in the jail, then same thing but switched around. Nobody ever wanted to help Lily, even though she had helped plenty of them, and gotten 2 of the rings and helped her team win, but still, nobody helped her. She was ignored and treated like an invisible person, but if you're invisible, nobody can see you, so pretty much everybody ignored her.

Lily was really upset by the end of her 45 minutes of gym class. Her crush probably liked her ex-best friend, and Gretchen didn't even like him! But Lily didn't have the courage to tell Gretchen how she was feeling, so she put up with being ignored for the rest of the day.

And then on the bus ride home, Lily had to put up with some other people- Matthew and Dylan, in Lily's grade, but they were really mean to her and wouldn't leave her alone. For the past week, they had been throwing clementines at her, but she didn't complain. Not once, unless you count in school, where she sat next to Matthew during advanced reading, and he kept bothering her and she told the teacher numerous times, but the teacher didn't do anything but tell Matthew to stop, which of course he didn't. But then Lily got so fed up she whacked Dylan with her math book-not so it hurt him really bad, but just hard enough to let him know that she wanted him to stop. But Dylan didn't like this, so he held up his lunchbox, ready to hit her with it, so Lily held up her math book in protection, but he slammed down with extra force, so Lily couldn't help it. She couldn't resist the force, and so the math book hit her head so hard that she thought it would give her brain damage. Somehow, she resisted the temptation to burst into tears, but ignored the fact that her own math book had just slammed against her head thanks to her enemy. She then moved as far away from them as possible, and they didn't (exactly) bother her for the rest of the ride.


(it wasn't exactly a happy ending, like most stories have, but oh well!)


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I really liked that.It reminds me alot of me and my best friend.Hasn't really been there for me lately.

Mar 21, 2012 4:57am

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