My Senior year! Day to day(almost)

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Introduction I just thought I'd share with you everyday that happens in the most important year of my high school career!

Chapter 1 - August 2011!

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Sunday, August 21-Kolton came over, we sat in the car and talked. We kissed twice and I was so happy and content.

Monday, August 22-My last first day of school! I am now a Senior and I am queen of the world! I see my ogre of an ex-boyfriend, James Walker but I try to ignore him, and I remember Kolton and I get happier. I have Aerobics with Cecilia and we meet Haley, but we're really only friends for that day. Then I have English with Raven and we non-stop talk. Then I'm a library aid and my best friend from 2nd grade is in there with me! Then I get out of school!

Tuesday, August 23-My first B day of the year, I have Government and I have Justin Dean, Raven, Samantha, Patrick Davis and Jon Paul in there. Then ASL and I hate that class, I can't believe I have to be in there all year long. Then I have ROTC and Jacob's in there and I forgot how happy that room makes me! Then I can either leave and go home or go to lunch first.

Wednesday, August 24-I met Amadeo Agis in Aerobics class, I didn't notice him the first day, but this time, I did. I probably wouldn't have talked to him if Cecilia wasn't there. Then in lunch, James yelled at me in front of Cecilia and people I don't even know. He made me cry.

Friday, August 26-I went over to Kolton's sister's apartment to him and we were hanging out, then we ended up taking a shower and having sex. O.o

Saturday, August 27- 3 years since Father Winfield died.

Monday, August 29- I lost Kolton due to a stupid move and omg, I had the worst feeling but it's alright now because I don't need him and life is better without him.

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