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Introduction he is comming for YOU

Chapter 1

years ago a man named cyrum was a kid raised in a dojo. his karate teacher taught him the best move powered by a deadly electric charge of a deadly hypnotic spiral. as he learned the move the simbol of the spiral went to his mind and thats when he changed and so did his mind. he used this new powerful move to wipe out evwryone in the world but a legendary hero in robotic armor known as sytaris can stop him but not the spiral in his eyes. a feirce battle between the two of them happend a battle turning into a war! as the war ended cyrum was killed and sent into ablackhole. as the ultimate sacrifice. cyrum was turned into a gas and now is with his master of the black hole, tyranicon. this mythical world was founded in 1957. according to ledgend he will strike again some day but knowbody knows when... TBC


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nice story... everyone read my story please

Jan 23, 2012 4:11pm

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