If she only knew...

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Chapter 1 - The Party.

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I pushed my hair out of my face, ready to go in. It was my best friend, Jessie's spring break party. The party I suggested, and she insisted on having at her place. I was ready to dance, have fun, and get crazy. Her parties were usually bombass, and I didn't doubt this one would be any different.
I walked up to the gate and rang the doorbell. The scent of baked goods and a chorus of barking filled the air. Jessie waltzed out with a smile, wearing her signature kitty ears. Straight, long shiny dark brown hair, brown eyes and vampire-like pale skin summed her features. She was tall, skinny, and wore a black t-shirt, torn-up jeans, eyeliner and a least six bracelets on each wrist, most of which were given to her by friends.
"Hey! Liz!" she bellowed in a falsetto voice, and greeted me with a hug. "Yay! You're here!"
I mosied further and took in the familiar surroundings. Black crepe streamers draped the walls. The apartment was disorganized, yet cozy. There stood Nemisha, Jessie's best friend, barefoot in the kitchen, blond hair tied into a ponytail.
"Liiiiizzzzzzzzzz!" she screeched, then glomped me with a hug. I hugged back, attempting to match her enthusiasm.
Afterward, I plopped onto the couch, Jessie following close behind. Emily, Taylor, and others introduced themselves with a hug. When Jessie, Nemisha and I's close friend, Katie, arrived, we all glomped her at the door. Comfortable, I was already in my custom Hyper Mood.
Jessie cranked up the music and grabbed a pretzel. Emily, Taylor and Katie followed suit, and I popped open the barbecue chips. Guests flew in and out the door nearly every five seconds. Aimlessly investigating the living room, I noticed him. There he was, alone in the corner, headphones plopped in his ears. 'He's so cute!' I observed, walking over to greet him. He was about 6'3" tall, had curly brown hair and deep, swirly chocolate brown eyes.
"Hi," I said, in a stupid voice. I felt like I could crack up any second, my grin was so mockingly huge. "I'm Liz."
"Hi, I'm Bob. Nice to meet you." No. He's gotta be kidding. Nobody's real name is Bob.
"Yeah. Bob." He shrugged. We shook hands and I walked away.
"Is his name really Bob?" I whispered. "Yeah, it is. It's Robert," Taylor replied. 'Oh. I'm definitely calling him Robert, not Bob.' Heading back over, I attempted to create small talk.
"How's life?" I asked in a deep, news-anchor voice.
"Good. You?" he asks, hardly paying any attention. "Great!" I shrieked, a huge smile still plastered on my face. We talked for a few more awkward minutes, trying to get a convo going. No Dice. Wanting to escape and always being a group-shifter kind of girl, I shuffled over to where Katie, Nemisha and Taylor were chilling in the kitchen. While pigging out on cupcakes, everyone was discussing an anime I'd never heard of called "Hetalia". I joined the conversation, struggling to pay attention as everyone "ooh'd" and "aah'd" at a youtube Hetalia fan video displaying on Katie's phone. I was eventually bored, though, and wandered on over and out. I spotted Robert standing in the kitchen doorway.
"What's your favorite color?" I inquired, laughing. I looked back to Jessie, who flashed me a smile.
"I actually have four. Red, green, black and blue. What about you?" he asked.
"I like pink!" I shouted.
"That's a nice color," he replied, flashing a tiny yet powerfully beautiful smile. I smiled back, this time it being legit, not that stupid one.
"You're really shy," I pointed out, realizing it was the wrong thing to say as soon as the words finished flying out of my mouth, then blushed. He blushed, too.
"Sorry," he muttered. My face went as red as Heinz ketchup.
"Oh, you don't have to apologize! Sorry."
"How old are you?"
"I'm fifteen...and a half!" I informed him, as if I'd just won a million dollars.
"Wow, specific," he commented.
"Yo peeps were going to the pool!!" Jessie announced excitedly, as if a psychic. I slipped my swimsuit on and sprinted to the complex's pool, everyone else barely keeping up. Upon arrival, I cannonballed into the ice-cold chlorinated H2O. As if out of nowhere, Katie appeared at the edge of the water. I couldn't resist her nonverbal temptation and climbed out to re-jump in with her. We all played a few rounds of Marco-polo. I was the victim, since I'm not that amazing a swimmer and I kept getting caught "FISH OUT OF WATER!" After about an hour, we went inside again.
We had pizza for dinner, which was pretty good despite the fact that it was the oven kind of pizza. I saw Robert, sitting on the same futon as before, eating his pizza without a word. I headed in his direction.
"Hi," I said.
"Hey," he replied, finished chewing. I stared into his hypnotizing eyes.
"Do you have a cell phone?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Can I have your number?"
"Sure!" he perked. I whipped out my phone and I tapped while he cited. After saving, I stashed it in my pocket and we chatted a little longer.
I then hung out with Jessie and her other friends in her room, listened to music, laughed and acted retarded. It felt like old times.:) The highlight of the night was when the girls tried to sit on the couch all at once, forming a massive doggy pile.
We went back outside to swim again after about an hour. We ended up having a HUGE splash fight. Half the guests were too pussy to set foot in the water, which was entertaining to tease them about.
Robert and I were two of the biggest rivals in the fight, even angering the waves out of the pool. We chased one another in endless circles, everyone laughing hysterically throughout. It then reached seven o' clock, my fun ending, as my mother had arrived. I bid my see you later's and gave free hugs. I was about to leave when Robert demanded: HUG. I took myself into his arms. He felt like a teddy bear, so warm and comfortable. I didn't ever want to let go. But it went all too quick.
I went home happy, thinking about how awesome my friends were. I texted Katie five minutes after I left and we Lol'd a ton. That girl was funny af(:.

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