Valentine's Day at City County High School

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Introduction I'm not really a writer, but here's a little something for Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy it, and go create your own Valentine's Day Story.. or a story about whatever! Bzoink Stories are AWESOME PICKLES.

Chapter 1

Ahh, Valentine's Day. The sun was just starting to peak through the curtains of Pete's bedroom window as he slowly blinked awake. He slid his glasses on his face and swung his feet to the floor with a thud. He patted down his dusty blonde hair in the mirror and was out the door. Today was the day, the day that he had laid awake restlessly thinking about for what seemed like the entire night. For today Pete had a plan.

The bus rolled to a stop in front of City County High School, right next to the statue of the giant Pickle, the school mascot. Pete hopped down the steps of the bus and ran through the double doors of the school. As Pete walked down the hall and turned the first corner he stumbled in his tracks. There she was. Lauren. Now we all know that the sun was shining behind her as she tossed her light brown hair and a smile that sparkled while being accompanied with a wind chime noise, right? Not quite. Lauren was a normal girl who didn't need the backlighting of an angel or blowing hair. She was standing with a group of her friends by some lockers as Pete scuffled by and tried to give a weak smile towards her. Pete had thought she didn't notice him, that she never noticed him, but he would be wrong. Lauren knew about Pete and had caught his smile as she talked casually with her friends. Pete obviously didn't know it, but she was hoping he'd find the courage to ask her out.

Pete continued on to Lauren's locker in a rush. He quickly opened the locker and swung his backpack down in front of him. Now, we don't know how or who he got her combination from. We didn't ask him and frankly felt it was none of our business. Out of his backpack Pete pulled a box of chocolates and a single, slightly crumpled, rose. He held the box in his hands and stared down at it for a moment. Maybe deciding if he was really doing this. Maybe second guessing the Valentine's Card taped on top. He set the box and rose down in her locker and shut the door. Stage one, complete.

Lauren broke away from her friends to put her backpack in her locker and get ready for her first class. Algebra II, yuck. She wasn't looking forward to sitting there listening to Mr. Baborkus drone on about x's and y's and this number and that number. She entered the combination as the dial spun around in her hand. Lauren picked the envelope from the box. A couple Hello Kitty bandaids fell out as she opened it. Inside was a Valentine with a hand-drawn picture of a Pickle with long brown hair and 'You're my favorite PICKLE' written on it. All inside of a heart, of course. No wait, the Valentine was in the SHAPE of a heart. That's right. Lauren wasn't quite sure what to think but it still brought a smile to her face as she turned to look around. She sniffed the rose, took a piece of chocolate, and walked off to class still smiling.

Pete's friend had the class after lunch free to study, or do whatever really. During lunch, Pete gave him an envelope with instructions about what to do with it. The bell after lunch had already rung. Pete was sitting nervously in his seat in Yearbook class. He knew what would be happening any minute. Lauren would be sitting in her class listening to the teacher blab on about who knows what, bored out of her mind. An envelope would be slipped under the door. It would look like it came from the office, marked with only her name, Lauren Crohn, written on the front. The teacher would walk over, look it over, and slip it on to Lauren's desk without ever thinking anything more about it.

Lauren blinked and tried to figure out what the office could possibly be sending to HER. She slipped a letter out of the envelope. It read:


Hi! It's Pete Blake. I hope you liked the chocolate and the rose. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day. Do you have a Valentine? You're very pretty and every time I see you, you have the greatest smile on your face. I know we've never talked that much but I was wondering if maybe you didn't have a Valentine we could hang out later tonight? Okay, well, that's it. I'll be by the gym right after school before I catch my bus. - Pete"

After waiting serveral more hours for school to let out, Pete was finally on his way to the gym. He felt like a nervous wreck. His hands were sweating, and he was pretty sure he didn't remember his own name. Only a few minutes had gone by, though he could have sworn it was hours, when he saw Lauren headed his way. His heart flopped and he was positive he was going to keel over right there and then. Lauren waved and said, "Hey Pete."

"Oh uh Hey Lauren."

"I got your chocolates. And the rose. And the letter. There were nice, thank you."

"Of course, you're welcome.. .. "

They blinked awkwardly at each other for a bit.

"Well, yeah. Hey, I have to catch the bus but you should definitely give me a call later, I'd love to hang out with you tonight. Here's my number."

Pete couldn't believe his ears, as she handed him a slip of paper. He wasn't even able to muster any words before Lauren turned and ran to catch her bus. He was in. The beautiful Lauren Crohn was actually interested in hanging out with HIM. It was a true Valentine's Day miracle, with cupid and arrows and all of that junk!

Pete sprang out the doors and skipped up the steps of his bus. He couldn't wait to get home, and he'd without a doubt be calling Lauren later. Maybe tonight they'd even end up sharing a VDay Kiss?


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Nice - simply sweet

Aug 27, 2014 4:30pm


that's sweet (:

Mar 20, 2011 9:52am


It IS finished. It let's you finish it the way YOU want it to be finished. Haha. It's a Pickle because in the beginning you read that the school Mascot is a Pickle.. so all the students would be Pickles..

Feb 11, 2011 2:45pm


Aaawee, cutee(: finish ittt! ....but....what does the pickle mean? 0_o

Feb 11, 2011 2:40pm

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