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Author: akm0123
Created: December 24, 2011
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What Christmas Present Will You Get For Christmas?

Created by akm0123

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1. What do you like best?

2. Do you Have a PSP, PlayStation, PS2, PS3, Wii, XBox360 with or without Kinect, and/or any Nintendo products?

3. Do you often like playing house, babies, or daycare center with your little friends?

4. How often do you drink milk?

5. Cookies?(same answer choices as #4

6. Do you watch television a lot?

7. If yes, what shows? if no, select answer No.

8. Do you like dogs and cats and stuff?

9. do you like call of duty black ops?

10. Do you like baby dolls?

11. Do you really Really want a pet( or even though you still KNOW that you're not allowed to in your house)?

12. are you confident about the Christmas season?

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