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Author: luftwaffle
Created: January 9, 2016
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Which New Labour architect are you?

Created by luftwaffle

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1. I apologise, but favourite colour out of the following?

2. Which alcoholic drink do you prefer?

3. Which of the Seven Sins describes you most?

4. What position do you normally take in group work?

5. Sexuality?

6. Debating style?

7. Are you religious?

8. Top or bottom?

9. How would you more likely express your support?

10. Optimist or pessimist?

11. What musical instrument would you prefer to/do you play?

12. Finally, who do you like best? (This won't necessarily be your result.) (If you don't know them, let fate take its turn.)

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All my favorite conversations always made in the a.m.

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This is so random, it makes random look redundant..

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+*+*Over 100 This or That Questions*+*+.

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I'm afraid what we had is gone. (Are we alike?).

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