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Author: crazyangelwrites
Created: April 30, 2015
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How well do you know me? III

Created by crazyangelwrites

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1. What color do i like the most?

2. What is my fav band?

3. What is the name of my biggest writing project?

4. finish the quote...\\

5. When was i born?

6. What month was i born in

7. I once played...

8. I do not like

9. How many of my charater\\\'s names have relations to me?

10. TOF: I live in tenesee

11. what descriptive word reminds you of me?

12. What is my fav animal?

13. I swore IRL before

14. I RP in minecraft

15. \\

16. Finish the quote \\

17. My fav crystal gem?

18. My fav. homeworld gem

19. My fav. SU song?

20. Fav pokemon?

21. I go to...

22. i think that...

23. This is garnet...

24. I have a blog

25. Do you know what SU stands for

26. Do you know what OTGW stands for

27. Do you know what TAWOG stands for

28. Reagan is my

29. Do i like coffie or tea?

30. My old house was in....

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