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Author: carmadazy
Created: April 28, 2014
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could we be like friends and stuff

Created by carmadazy

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1. who do you like the best!

2. whats your favorite color?

3. what app do you like best?

4. do you like swimming?

5. if you had one superpower what would it be?

6. whats your dream job most likely to be

7. should pot be legilized?

8. 1+1=

9. flip flops or shoes

10. what color is your hair?

11. favorite candy

12. if a genie granted you a wishes what would you most likely wish for.

13. your type of guy?

14. if i asked you for 20 bucks would you lend it to me

15. are you a theif

16. did you like my quiz?

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