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Author: kessmemaybe
Created: March 8, 2014
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Which hockey player is right for you?

Created by kessmemaybe

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1. Where do you like to eat?

2. Favourite NHL team?

3. What are you?

4. What are you like?

5. If someone hurts your friend emotionally, you..

6. When your friend gets completely drunk at a party, you..

7. The eye color you'd prefer on a guy?

8. Hair colour you'd prefer on a guy?

9. On a Friday night you'd rather..

10. Favourite snack?

11. You'd prefer..

12. What pet would you like to have?

13. What kind of city would you like to live in?

14. When the game is on, you..

15. At your wedding..

16. How many kids so you want?

17. You care most about..

18. The type of relationship you want:

19. If the man of your dreams was standing 20 feet away from you, you would..

20. When your team wins the Stanley Cup, you will..

21. If your man cheats on you, you..

22. What do you love most about hockey players?

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