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Author: epicguitar
Created: August 17, 2013
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Which Legendary Pokemon Are You?

Created by epicguitar

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1. First off... what's your favorite color? dB

2. Favorite type of Movie?

3. What would you do on a Friday Night?

4. What color is your hair?

5. How long is your hair?

6. What is your phone's favorite feature?

7. How many friends do you have?

8. If you made plans to go out with your crush, but your mom doesn't let you, what do you do?

9. At a Party, you...

10. What is your opinion on Video Games?

11. Some guy kidnaps your friend! What do you do?

12. Your best friend back-stabs you. What do you do?

13. Favorite Smiley Face Thingy?

14. Leave this one to FATE!

15. What did you think about this quiz? dB